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...is the rain and melted snow/ice that falls onto our landscape and flows off of rooftops, streets, bare soils, and all other exposed surfaces. These surfaces can have pollutants on them (such as pet waste, dirt, litter, yard waste, chemicals, and auto fluids like oil and gas to name just a few) that will hitchhike with the stormwater as it travels, and then sadly the pollutants end up in our ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers and eventually Puget Sound. This is why all of us must to do our part to keep pollutants stored, used, and dispose of properly so they don't end up in our water resources and environment.

Check out this 5 minute video What is stormwater and why is it important? by King County that explains stormwater and its effect on the area.

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Report Spills and Illegal Discharges 

  • For emergency and hazardous spills call 911

  • For urgent spills and discharges call the 24 hour Spill Hotline at 253.856.5600

  • For low-risk spills and discharges call the spill hotline or submit an online Spill Reporting Form.

Public Stormwater Drainage & NPDESMatt_1_12_15_10

Public stormwater management in Kent is overseen by the Public Works Department Environmental Engineering and Utilities Operations work groups. 


The two primary goals for all stormwater managers is to minimize and prevent flooding and water pollution. With effort toward success of these goals, Kent maintains a NPDES Western Washington Municipal Stormwater Permit (Phase II) with the Washington State Department of Ecology.


A significant component of the NPDES Permit is guidelines for municipal operations and maintenance of the public stormwater drainage system, also known as a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).

Visit Kent's NPDES webpage to learn more about the permit and what Kent is doing to improve water quality and reduce and eliminate flooding in the city.


To view a map of Kent's public drainage system, click here and select the storm drainage map.


Questions? and Maintenance Requests

We welcome your input and want to hear from you!


Please get in touch if you have any questions, concerns or comments about stormwater management in Kent, or if you notice an area where the public drainage system may be in need of attention or maintenance. 


Private Stormwater DrainagePrivateDrainInGutter

Private stormwater management in Kent is overseen by the Public Works Department Environmental Engineering NPDES work group.


The City requires all private stormwater drainage systems comply with all city codes and standards to help minimize and prevent flooding and water pollution.


Owners of private drainage systems are responsible for regularly inspecting and maintaining those systems when necessary. The City does not provide maintenance on privately owned and maintained stormwater drainage systems.


Click here to continue to the private drainage webpage.