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What is Public Works?

Street ProfileLearn about what we do and how we are working for you throughout Kent.







What are we up to?

REI Sidewalk Replacement 0202015 Work Plans and Current and Future Projects








Bids/ProcurementVendors can find, review, and download information about bids, RFPs, and other procurement requests.






Design & Construction

East Valley Highway ConstructionSearch for the status of capital projects and view design standards for public and private construction.







Drive KentSee how we maintain safe and efficient roads while promoting trails, transit, and freight mobility. 



CTR ProgramRetrieve information pertaining to City of Kent streets.










SurveyDiscover more about the City of Kent’s Land Surveying Division.







The Environment

The EnvironmentThe City of Kent is dedicated to managing flood protection for its residents, preserving and restoring natural habitat for fish and wildlife, and promoting a sustainable and vibrant local economy.

Engineering Projects

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Recycling & Garbage

Green River Natural Resources Area

Surface Water Design Manual


Green Kent Partnership

The Clean Water Project

Green River Projects Booklet (PDF 4MB) 



StormwaterInformation pertaining to the Drainage Master Plan, Storm Drainage projects, and Best Management Practices can be found on the Stormwater page.

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

Report A Spill

Surface Water Design Manual

Drainage Master Plan (PDF, 11MB)  


UtilitiesFind out more info about our water, sewer, solid waste and street systems.




Toilet Rebate Program

Clothes Washer Rebate Program



Recycling & Garbage

RecyclingDiscover how your household or business can minimize the amount of "garbage" you throw away with these recycling resources.












MapsBrowse the library of maps available for viewing and download.