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New Lobby Hours

Our lobby is now open Monday thru Friday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm and Saturday thru Sunday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. 

Kent Community Police Academy

The next session of the Community Police Academy runs from Wednesday, April 8, 2015 through Wednesday, June 10, 2015.  Registration is now open.  For more information, check out our Community Police Academy page. 

Kent Police Department Community Meeting

The Kent Police Department invites you to attend a community meeting on Thursday February 12th beginning at 7PM, at Kent Elementary School. This is an great opportunity to hear from Chief Thomas, Kent Police Command Staff and Officers and other staff on current crime trends and prevention. The special presentation will be on the Evolution of the Police Vehicle. For more information click here!

Intelligence Led Policing in Kent, WA

The Kent Police Department is a dynamic and innovative organization that partners with its residents to ensure a safe community.  In addition to aggressively fighting crime, preventing crime and community engagement, the police department works to improve the quality of life in the community.



Utilities Scam Alert

The Kent Police Department continues to receive reports from local businesses that have received calls from Utility Companies threatening to shut off their utilities due to delinquent bills. The caller often demands the business owner purchase "Green Dot" cards and provide the card number to the caller.  Remember, utility companies will NEVER ask for your bank information or request payment in any form other than standard bill paying options (check, electronic, etc.).  There should not be a phone call until you have received MULTIPLE written notices regarding your bill.  If you have not received "past due" bills, any phone call is a scam.   This particular scam has been reported throughout the State. No legitimate business is going to ask for banking information on a cold call. If this happens to you do NOT give any information, report it through 911, and call the utility company directly for billing inquiries.


The Kent Police Department has teamed up with TrackMole, a free service that helps recover lost, stolen, and property left behind. TrackMole is a powerful property tracking and crime prevention tool that helps police departments and others identify owners of lost and stolen properties by using serial numbers. TrackMole allows owners to recover their property when they lose it or have left it behind at places such as coffee shops, restaurants, taxis, airports, hotels, schools, parks, buses, or amusement parks. As soon as the serial number on the property is searched, the owner simultaneously receives emails from TrackMole stating where it is, who has it, and how to get it back.


Estimates show less than 5% of owners record the serial numbers of their property, which is the main identifier police use to locate and return lost, stolen, and left-behind property to the rightful owner. The city is asking resident's to "Help Us Help You" and use this free service. For more information on using TrackMole and for FAQ, click here or go to www.TrackMole.com.

Reminder: Secure Your Load

The Kent Police Department would like to remind you to secure anything that you are transporting to the dump, Goodwill or anywhere else; even if its just a few blocks.  Please click here to learn more from the Washington State Patrol for tips. Take a few minutes to be sure that everything is secured well.


Each year about 33 Washington children are hospitalized and 19 children die from firearm injuries. Since 2000, the LOK-IT-UP program has worked to increase public awareness about the importance of safely storing or locking firearms. Firearm owners, parents, schools, law enforcement agencies, public health officials, health care providers, and others have supported LOK-IT-UP.

LOK-IT-UP focuses on family and community safety. It seeks to increase the voluntary safe storage of firearms as a way of preventing firearm-related deaths and injuries, particularly among children.

For more information, visit www.lokitup.org or download King County Public Health's firearm safety brochure.

Dial 253-852-2121 for less critical situations

By using the non-emergency number, the public is ensuring that 911 will be readily available for actual emergencies.  Examples of calls that are appropriate for a non-emergency operator:

  • A residential, business or vehicle break-in that occurred on an earlier day
  • The return of a runaway child.
  • Identification of additional lost or stolen property after an initial report has been made
  • Lost property
  • A hit and run traffic collision when no longer at the scene of the collision

When to call 911 vs. 253-852-2121

ICE Victim Notification

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) administers a Victim Notification Program which allows eligible victims and witnesses to obtain reliable and timely information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody. In order to receive this information, victims and witnesses are required to register. Click on the link below to be transferred to the victim services programs provided by ICE or to register for notifications.



Kent Crime Reports

The Kent Police Department now uses a new website to share current crime statistics. You can also search for registered sex offenders. Click here for more information!

2013 Kent Police Department Annual Report 

The Kent Police Department is working to become the most respected and effective police department in the region. We put a strong emphasis on transparency and outreach to connect with our community. The 2013 Annual Report is now complete and is presented to the public to provide insight into the Department's activity throughout the year. 


2013 Kent PD Annual Report

Trespass Authorization Program

The City of Kent offers business owners an opportunity to be involved in a Trespass Enforcement Authorization Program. This partnership provides the Kent Police Department authorization to question and handle persons who may be unlawfully occupying the property during non business hours.  This program DOES NOT increase the police patrolling of your property. To enroll you must complete a trespass authorization form and purchase "No Trespass" signs specific to the Kent City Code. The signs are sold at $25.00 a piece by the Kent Police Foundation. For more information, or to access the form, click here.

Community clean up resources

Kent Police has put together a frequently asked question document for the public detailing contact information and resources for community clean up. This document includes general information on a number of quality of life issues as well as contacts for reporting purposes.  


Clean Up Your Community (53.1 KB PDF)

Victim Assistance Information

Kent Police strongly believes that crime victims and witnesses must be afforded rights to protect them from criminal activity. The Information Assistance pamphlet outlines some of the protections afforded by law. The pamphlet is available in several languages.  

Kent Police news and information at your fingertips

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