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On-Line Permitting Now Available

As of October 1, 2012 Kent offers the ability to apply for and pay by phone for over-the-counter plumbing, mechanical, and reroof permits.  Find out more by contacting the Permit Center at (253) 856-5300 or email questions to permitcenter@kentwa.gov 


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New Codes effective July 1st 2013!  


On July 1st, 2013, the 2012 editions of the International Building Code, Residential Code, Mechanical Code, Fire Code, Energy Conservation Code, and Uniform Plumbing Code will replace the earlier 2009 editions.

Permits applied for before July 1st will be reviewed and inspected under the 2009 editions.  

Applications and plans submitted after June 30th must be designed under the new 2012 editions. 


These codes have been substantially amended by the State Building Code Council and, to a lesser extent, by the City of Kent. In order to accurately determine code requirements, it is necessary to read the codes and their amendments together. 

The 2012 codes and amendments can be obtained from the following sources. 


Codes and Washington State Amendments: Washington Association of Building Officials:www.wabobookstore.org 306-628-8869. 


International Codes:International Code Council www.iccsafe.org  (click on “Store”) 1-888-422-7233. 


Uniform Plumbing Code: International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials: www.iapmostore.org 1-800-854-2766 


International Energy Conservation Code, as amended by Washington State: Washington State Building Code Council: https://fortress.wa.gov/ga/apps/sbcc/default.aspx 360-407-9280. 

At the home page, scroll down and click on “See the 2012 Code Changes” , then scroll down to 2012 International Energy Conservation Code and click on “Printed Version”. 



City of Kent Amendments: City of Kent: www.kentwa.gov . At thebottom of the home page, click on “City Code: under “City Hall”,then select Title 13 (Fire Code) or 14 (Building Codes). 


Fees Update 

Permit fees have been adjusted, effective January 1, 2013. See Resolution 1867 for details.

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Permit logs

These reports contain information about issued building and development permits in the city of Kent during the specified month. The reports are printed monthly and displayed in the Permit Center Self Help area.


Related Services

Permit applications are typically reviewed by one or more of the following:

Development Engineering 

Building Services 

Fire Prevention 

Planning Services 



Effective codes

Effective codes as of July 1, 2010