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Notices of project permit applications

The City of Kent Planning Services Office provides below an updated listing of Notices of Project Permit Application. The project permit application review process includes opportunities for public comment and appeals.

Public Comment

As part of the Notice of Project Permit Application process, all persons may comment on a project permit application filed with the City of Kent.  The Notice of Project Permit Application provides information and an opportunity for the public and other agencies affected by the proposal to participate early in the review of the project.  A minimum comment period of fourteen (14) days is allowed; thirty (30) days for shoreline-related permits. All comments about a project permit application must be submitted in written form (with commentator name and address required) to the City of Kent Planning Services Office by 4:30 p.m. on the last day of the applicable comment period. 

Parties of Record (and Appeals)

Any person requesting party of record status will receive notice of future hearings and a copy of any decisions made in regards to a project permit application. A party of record may participate in any hearings, and may appeal a project permit application decision by filing (with a fee) an appeal application, accompanied by required documentation as instructed in the appeal application packet. 

For more detailed information about any of the specific notices listed below, please click on the Project Name link. For other information, contact the project planner at 253-856-5454. Please refer to the project number to ensure proper file identification.


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