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Cable Franchise Management

The City of Kent Franchise Management function began operations in to negotiate, monitor, and enforce the rules set forth in the cable television franchises held by cable TV companies operating within Kent City limits.

The City of Kent collects a franchise fee of 5% of gross revenues from the cable companies for their use of the public’s rights-of-way. The franchise fees go into the city general fund budget. Currently Comcast is the only Cable Television provider that uses City streets and right of ways to provide cable services.
On your Cable Television bill you will see this function listed on the bottom of your bill as your “Franchise Authority”.
We also assist cable subscribers in resolving complaints and answering questions regarding their cable service. If you are a cable subscriber in the City of Kent and have an issue that you are unable to resolve directly with your cable company, please feel free to contact .

Patti Belle
220 4th Avenue South,
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CAfranchise   Master Cable Ordinance 3107

CAfranchise2   Comcast Cable Franchise 3108

CAfranchise2  Proposed Goldfinch Communications LLC Franchise Ordinance

Cable Franchise Agreement

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