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Job Descriptions

The City of Kent job descriptions can be accessed below. The City's Salary Schedules are also available. The descriptions provide an overview of the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications of a group of jobs.  Furthermore, there are parenthesis at the end of some description links in order to clarify union association.  (AF) represents AFSCME, (NR) represents Non-Represented employees, (PA) represents Police Administation, (PD) represents Police Officers, and (TM) represents Teamsters. 

Note: This is not a list of current job postings. To view current postings go to Employment opportunities.

If you have questions, please contact mailto:humanresources@kentwa.gov.

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Accounting Manager
Accounting Manager - PW
Accounting Services Assistant II (AF)
Accounting Services Assistant III - Commons (NR)
Accounting Services Assistant III - Golf (NR)
Accounting Services Assistant III (AF)
Accounting Technician - Finance (AF)
Accounting Technician - Parks Maintenance (AF)
Accounting Technician - Public Works Engineering - Accounting Services (AF)
Accounting Technician - Public Works Operations - Administration (AF)
Accounting Technician - Public Works Operations - Fleet (AF)
Accounting-Administrative Coordinator
Administration Assistant II - Administration (NR)
Administrative Assistant I - Parks - Cultural Arts
Administrative Assistant I - Parks - Human Services (AF)
Administrative Assistant I - Parks - Kent Commons (NR)
Administrative Assistant I - Parks - Resource Center (NR)
Administrative Assistant I - Parks - Senior Center
Administrative Assistant I - Police - Corrections (AF)
Administrative Assistant I - Police (AF)
Administrative Assistant I - Public Works - Engineering
Administrative Assistant II - Administration (NR)
Administrative Assistant II - Fire (AF)
Administrative Assistant II - Police (NR)
Administrative Assistant III - Community Development
Administrative Assistant III - Parks
Administrative Assistant III - Public Works
Administrative Secretary I - Community Development - Administration (AF)
Administrative Secretary I - Fire (AF)
Administrative Secretary I - Information Technology (AF)
Administrative Secretary II (AF)
Administrative Services Supervisor
Assistant Building Offical
Assistant Finance Director
Assistant Golf Professional
Assistant Land Survey Supervisor
Assistant Survey Party Chief
Audit Manager


Building Official


CEU Program Supervisor
Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Prosecuting Attorney
City Clerk
City Land Surveyor
Civil Attorney
Civil Legal Secretary
Code Enforcement Officer (AF)
Combination Building Inspector (AF)
Communication & Public Affairs Manager
Commute Trip Reduction Coordinator
Computer Operator
Conservation Analyst
Conservation Coordinator
Construction Inspector
Construction Manager
Construction Supervisor
Contract Specialist (AF)
Control Center Technician (TM)
Court Administrator
Court Clerk
Court Security Officer
Court Supervisor
Crime Victim Advocate
Cross Connection Control Assistant
Cross Connection Control Inspector
Custodial Lead (AF)
Custodian (AF)
Customer Services Manager
Customer Services Representative (AF)


Department System Support Specialist
Department System Support Specialist (AF)
Deputy City Attorney
Deputy City Clerk (AF)
Deputy Public Works Directory - City Engineer
Development Permit Technician (AF)
Development Permit Technician Lead (AF)
Director - City Attorney
Director - Community Development
Director - Economic Development
Director - Employee Services
Director - Finance
Director - Information Technology
Director - Parks
Director - Police Chief
Director - Public Works
Domestic Violence & Crime Victim Coordinator


Economic Development Manager
Engineer I
Engineer II - Design
Engineer II - Development Permit Review
Engineer II - Environmental
Engineer III - Design
Engineer III - Development Permit Review
Engineer III - Environmental
Engineer IV - Design
Engineer IV - Development Permit Review
Engineer IV - Environmental
Engineer IV - Operations
Engineering Manager - Design
Engineering Manager - Development Permit Review
Engineering Manager - Environmental
Engineering Manager - Transportation
Engineering Technician II
Engineering Technician III - Design
Engineering Technician III - Development Permit Review
Engineering Technician III - Transportation
Environmental Conservation Supervisor
Environmental Scientist
Ergonomic & Facility Services Specialist (AF)
ERP Business Analyst
Evidence Custodian (AF)
Evidence Technician (AF)
Evidence Technician Supervisor
Executive Assistant


Facilities Services Supervisor (AF)
Facilties Superintendent
Field Supervisor - Parks - Athletic Maintenance (TM)
Field Supervisor - Parks - Facilities (TM)
Field Supervisor - Parks - Grounds Maintenance (TM)
Field Supervisor - Parks - HVAC (TM)
Field Supervisor - Parks - Special Projects
Field Supervisor - Publc Works - TV Inspection & Pump Station (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Fleet (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Hydrants and Meters (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Mains & Services (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Sewer (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Signs & Markings (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Storm (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Street Maintenance (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Street Vegetation (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Warehouse (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Water Facilities (TM)
Field Supervisor - Public Works - Water Quality (TM)
Financial Analyst (AF-NR)
Financial Services Supervisor (AF)
Fleet Superintendent


GIS Supervisor
Golf Accounting Supervisor


Head Golf Professional
Human Resources Analyst
Human Resources Manager - Benefits
Human Resources Manager - Labor, Classification, & Compensation
Human Resources Manager - Recruitment
Human Resources Risk Management Analyst
Human Services Coordinator
Human Services Manager


Information Systems Division Manager


Lead Court Clerk
Legal Analyst
Legal Secretary (AF)
Long-Range Planner-GIS Coordinator


Maintenance Superintendent - Parks - Golf
Maintenance Superintendent - Public Works - Street
Maintenance Superintendent - Public Works - Utilities
Maintenance Superintendent - Public Works - Water
Maintenance Technician - Parks - HVAC (TM)
Maintenance Technician - Public Works - SCADA (TM)
Maintenance Technician - Public Works - Water Treatment (TM)
Maintenance Worker I (TM)
Maintenance Worker II (TM)
Maintenance Worker III (TM)
Maintenance Worker IV - Lead (TM)
Maintenance Worker IV - Specialist (TM)
Maintenance Worker V (TM)
Mechanic II (TM)
Meter Reader II (TM)
Meter Reader IV (TM)
Multimedia Manager
Multimedia Specialist II (AF)


Neighborhood Programs Coordinator
Network Engineer
Network Specialist


Office Technician II - Administration
Office Technician II - City Clerk (AF)
Office Technician II - Parks - Maintenance (AF)
Office Technician III - Community Development (AF)
Office Technician III - Employee Services
Office Technician III - Parks - Facilities (AF)
Office Technician III - Public Works - Engineering (AF)


Parking Enforcement Assistant (AF)
Parks Administrative Superintendent
Parks Facility-Program Manager - Adaptive
Parks Facility-Program Manager - Cultural Arts
Parks Facility-Program Manager - Senior Center
Parks Facility-Program Manager - Youth & Teen
Parks Planner
Parks Program Assistant - Commons
Parks Program Assistant - Human Services
Parks Program Assistant - Recource Center
Parks Program Assistant - Senior Center
Parks Program Coodinator - Commons
Parks Program Coordinator - Cultural Arts
Parks Program Coordinator - Senior Center
Parks Program Specialist
Parks-Facilities Planning & Development Coordinator - Facilities
Parks-Facilities Planning & Development Coordinator - Parks Planning & Development
Parks-Facilities Planning & Development Specialist
Pavement Management Analyst
Payroll Business Analyst
Permit Center Manager
Planning Manager
Plans Examiner (AF)
Police Captain (PA)
Police Corrections Lieutenant
Police Corrections Officer (AF)
Police Corrections Sergeant (AF)
Police Crime Analyst (AF)
Police Deputy Chief
Police Lieutenant (PA)
Police Officer (PD)
Police Records Specialist (AF)
Police Sergeant (PD)
Police Specialist Supervisor (AF)
Principal Planner
Print Shop Lead (AF)
Printing Media Coordinator (AF)
Printing Technician (AF)
Probation Clerk
Probation Officer
Probation Supervisor
Project Accountant
Project Analyst
Project Coordinator
Property Management Technician (AF)
Prosecuting Attorney
Prosecuting-Civil Attorney
Prosecution Paralegal (AF)
Public Education Specialist (AF)
Public Works Operations Manager


Records Management Officer (AF)
Recreation Superintendent
Research & Development Analyst (AF)
Risk Manager


Senior Accountant (AF)
Senior Construction Inspector
Senior Financial Analyst (AF)
Senior Human Resources Analyst - Benefits
Senior Human Resources Analyst - Risk
Senior Human Services Coordinator
Senior Mechanic (TM)
Senior Parks Facilities - Program Manager
Senior Signal Technician
Senior Systems Analyst
Senior Transportation Planner
Signal Technician
Storm-Drain Facilities Inspector
Supplies-Inventory Specialist (AF)
Support Services Manager
Support Services Specialist (AF)
Survey Party Chief
Survey Project Coordinator
Systems Analyst


Task Force Office Manager
Technical Analyst
Technical Services Manager
Technical Support Specialist I
Technical Support Specialist II
Technical Systems Analyst
Traffic Signal Systems Supervisor


Van Driver
Video Program Coordinator (AF)
Visitation Center Supervisor
Visitation Monitor