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Planning Services Forms

Accessory Dwelling Unit Permit Application (80 KB PDF)
Administrative Variance Application (179KB PDF)
Agreement for Payment for a Public Hearing (PDF 121KB)
Appeal of Administrative Interpretation (30KB PDF)
Appeal of SEPA Determination (45 KB PDF)
Appeal of Short Plat Decision Application (130KB PDF)
Binding Site Plan (PDF 188KB)
Carnivals and Special Events Temporary Use Permit Submittal Requirements Checklist (40KB PDF)
Certificate of Sewer Availability from Servicing Agency
Certificate of Water Availability from Servicing Agency
Code Text Amendment (220KB PDF)
Comprehensive Plan & Development Regulation Amendment Docket Form 06-30-08 (PDF, 50 KB)
Comprehensive Plan Amendment Checklist 06-30-08 (PDF, 35 KB)
Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment Application, Site-Specific, 06-30-08 (PDF, 40 KB)
Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment (PDF 90KB)
Conditional Use Permit Application (65KB PDF)
Cottage Housing Demonstration Project Proposal (PDF, 70KB)
Downtown Design review Application (PDF 220KB)
Downtown Design Review Guidelines (1.5 MB PDF)
Environmental Checklist Application Form (PDF 227KB)
FInal Binding Site Plan Application (PDF 150KB)
Final Short Subdivision Application (PDF 150B)
Final Subdivision (10 or more lots) Plat Application (PDF, 54 KB)
Land Use Permit Applications and Approvals Fee Schedule 2014
Landscape Plan Requirements (119KB PDF)
Lot Line Adjustment (PDF 121KB)
Master Plan Development Application (55 KB PDF)
Midway Design Guidelines
Midway Design Review Application
Mixed Use Design Review Application (70KB PDF)
Multi-family Design Handbook (1.5 MB PDF)
Multi-family Design Review Application (50 KB PDF)
Multifamily Housing Property Tax Exemption Application
Planned Unit Development Application (179KB PDF)
Plat Alteration Application (229KB PDF)
Pre-Application Conference (PDF 154KB)
Public Notice Signboard (105 KB PDF)
Sample Site Plan (90KB PDF)
Shoreline Exemption Determination Application (96KB PDF)
Shoreline Permit Application (PDF 134KB)
Short Subdivision (2-4 Lot) Type 1 Preliminary App (PDF 124KB)
Short Subdivision (5-9 Lots)Type II Preliminary App (PDF 142KB)
Sign Permit Application(2)
Sign Variance Application (55KB PDF)
Site Plan Review (PDF 146KB)
Special Home Occupation Permit Application (70 KB PDF)
Special Use Combining District Application (70KB PDF)
Subdivision (10 or more lots) Preliminary Plat Application (PDF 121KB)
Temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF 70KB)
Temporary Use Application (PDF 133KB)
Variance Application Packet (300 KB PDF)
WTF Administrative Permit Application (255KB PDF)
WTF Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF 94KB)
Zoning Map Amendment (Rezone) Application (90KB PDF)