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Step on up!Drinking water

Did you know that there are about five minutes of commercials between the end of one television show and the beginning of another? An hour-long television program has about 20 minutes of commercials in it.

You need to get some regular exercise. What to do?

Get up during the commercials and go up and down the stairs at home.

  • That’s 20 minutes of exercise every hour just by cutting out commercials.
  • Watch one and a half hours of television a day and you have time to do 30 minutes of daily exercise.
  • No need to add time to your day to go to the gym.

What’s to lose? Weight, that’s what.

What’s the cost? Give up watching some commercials.

Who can do this… you can!

Really like those commercials or no stairs at home? Get a small platform to step on. These should be available wherever aerobics equipment is sold or possibly at a garage sale. (Seems there is always exercise equipment at garage sales.)


Knees won’t handle stair stepping, then walk instead, back and forth around the house. You won’t even have to worry about the weather. Can’t walk? Want a change of pace? Use your arms to lift weights. No weights you say? Put a can of food into a sock and use that as a weight or use a package of rice or beans. Bottom line; do something, anything rather than watching the commercials. Stay active and be well.


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Family Nurse Practitioner
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