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Hexcel 121013 P1220510[1]Green Business of the Year Award for 2013

Hexcel Corporation was named the “Kent Green Business of the Year for 2013!   Hexcel Corporation is an advanced composite company.  Per their website they develop, manufacture and market lightweight, high performance composites including carbon fibers, reinforcements, prepregs, honeycomb, matrix systems, adhesives and composite structures for use in commercial aerospace, space and defense, wind energy and industrial applications.  More information can be found on their website:  www.hexcel.com.


Hexcel Corporation has a strong recycling ethic.  All rooms have visible recycling containers that are well-labeled.  Katherine Garrison, environmental engineer, works to find markets for a variety of recyclables - which are picked up by multiple recycling companies.  Materials recycled include:  paper, cardboard, pallets, shredded paper, metal, Styrofoam and wood.  They are able to recycle 79% of everything they generate - and this number is still rising.


Purchasing recycled products helps to "close the loop" on recycling.  Recycled products purchased by Hexcel Corporation include office papers, file folders, toilet paper and recycled toner cartridges.


Recycling is important, but reusing items can cut costs and prevent waste.  Hexcel reuses packaging materials including large cardboard tubes.


Waste prevention is incorporated on many levels of production at Hexcel.  Just a few of the ways Hexcel reduces waste include:  purchasing products in bulk, providing durable dishes for employees, and avoiding coversheets.  Waste prevention is a high consideration when shipping materials as well.  Hexcel designed and built specialized reusable transport packaging/carts that are used over and over to avoid using unnecessary packaging materials.





Kent Green Businesses

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Get the Recognition You Deserve!


NEW!  Kent Green Business Program is open for all businesses.


In 2014, the City has revamped the Kent Green Business Program to be a recognition program for all businesses that meet requirements of waste reduction, recycling and buying recycled.  All businesses that meet qualifications will receive a certificate, the ability to use the Kent Green Business logo, and will be recognized on the City's website.  As with past years, the City will continue to recognize the top business of these green businesses as the Kent Green Business of the Year.  The top business will be chosen by the City.  Fill out the application here to be a member of this new Green program!