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Green Business of the Year Award for 2014


Vectra Fitness was named the 2014 Kent Green Business of the Year.  The company designs and produces high end compact multi-station weight gyms for home and institutional use.  More information can be found on their website www.VectraFitness.com


Vectra Fitness launched an aggressive recycling program during 2014.  Jen Velez, implemented commingled recycling, adding well-labeled recycling containers to all areas of the office and warehouse.  All signs show clear pictures of the items that belong in each collection area and found special recyclers for items such as wood, metal, foam and plastic banding.  Employees were notified of the new recycling sites and complied.  They now recycle almost 80% of waste they generate and this is still rising.


Purchasing recycled products helps to "close the loop" on recycling.  Recycled products purchased by Vectra Fitness include: file folders, toilet paper and some types of paper.


Recycling is important, but reusing items can cut costs and prevent waste.  Vectra Fitness reuses packaging materials including large envelopes and single sided paper.


Waste prevention is incorporated on many level of production at Vectra Fitness.  Just a few of the ways Vectra Fitness reduces waste include: purchasing products in bulk, providing durable dishes for employees and avoiding coversheets.




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