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Construction Projects

Projects Underway

Boeing Levee
Updated 11/26/13

Briscoe/Desimone Levee
Updated 3/26/14

Green River Levee Improvement Program
Updated 11/26/13

Hawley Road Levee
Updated 1/9/14

Horseshoe Bend Levee
Updated 10/24/13

112th Avenue Watermain Improvements 

Updated 7/17/13

SE 256th Street Road Improvements
Updated 7/29/13

SR 516 to 231st Way Levee
Updated 1/28/14

Future Projects

Green River Natural Resources Area Stormwater Pump Station 

Update 2/26/14

Guiberson Reservoir Replacement
Updated 7/29/13

James Street Pump Station 

Updated 9/9/13

Kentview Sanitary Sewer Interceptor 

Updated 2/26/14

Mill Creek Culvert Replacements - 76th Ave. S. 

Updated 1/29/14

Mill Creek Relocation/Restoration - James St. to Kent Memorial Park 

Updated 8/24/12
Russell Road Levee 

Updated 7/29/13

72nd Avenue S. Extension 
Updated 2/25/14

640 Zone Water Improvements
Updated 4/1/14

64th Avenue S. Culvert Replacement 

Updated 2/25/14

SE 267th Street Culvert Improvements 

Update 7/18/13
S. 224th Street Project
Updated 2/25/14

Upper Mill Creek Dam Improvements 

Updated 1/28/14

Valley Creek Channel Reestablishment 

Updated 1/29/14