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Citizen's Task Force

Task Force MembersThe Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Task Force was formed to provide input and accountability throughout the development of the TMP. Task Force members were selected to provide valuable community perspectives to the City Council as they make important decisions about the future of Kent's transportation system.


Task Force meeting topics included:

  1. Task Force Meeting #1: Role and issues identification (view meeting minutes)  
  2. Task Force Meeting #2: Existing conditions and transportation visioning exercises (view meeting minutes) 
  3. Task Force Meeting #3: Transit, pedestrians, and bicycle issues (view meeting minutes) 
  4. Task Force Meeting #4: Conditions analysis for streets and bicycles (view meeting minutes) 
  5. Task Force Meeting #5: Key topics discussion (view meeting minutes) 
  6. Task Force Meeting #6: Streets, Transit, and Non-motorized (Pedestrian and Bicycle) Recommendations (view meeting minutes) 
  7. Task Force Meeting #7: Overview of final draft recommendation and funding options (view meeting minutes) 

Special thanks to the TMP Citizen’s Task Force members:  David Anderson, Patrick Binion, Lea Bishop, Tina Busenius, Carol Carlile, Bill Castagno, Natalia Datskiv, Manmeet Dhami, Debbie Eckley, William Ellison, Robert Faamausili, Mark Gagnon, Roberto Gonzales, Emma Herron, Kristin Jensen, Marilyn Kielbauch, Omar Lee, Marcelle Pechler, Dana Ralph, Mel Roberts, Tom Sharp, Helen Shindell-Butler, Doreen Stewart, Grant Toschi, and Bob Whalen.