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Neighborhood Council Recognition

Lakes recognition

The Lakes at Kent Neighborhood Council Recognition


The city wants to recognize unique neighborhoods in our community, and empower residents to be involved in their strength and vitality. Currently, there are 28 officially recognize Neighborhood Councils


It takes a neighborhood effort to become a recognized council. When it is decided that your neighborhood wants to form one, it is necessary to fill out a packet and then turn it in to Toni Azzola, the neighborhood coordinator. With that step completed, representatives from the neighborhood requesting recognition will need to come before the Economic Development Committee for final acceptance. Once accepted, the recognized neighborhood will have access to:

    • Staff to work with your neighborhood in organizing and working with the city.
    • Information about your neighborhood on the city's web site.
    • Publicity for neighborhood events on Kent TV21, the city's cable access station.
    • Technical assistance, workshops, and information about neighborhood events.
    • Other services and resources 

Neighborhood councils will be formally recognized by City Council. Once a neighborhood is recognized, they are eligible to apply for the Neighborhood Grant Program which offers dollar-for-dollar match funding for neighborhood improvement projects.


If you have more questions about how to become a recognized neighborhood council, or what they do, check out the Neighborhood Council Program Frequently Asked Questions. 


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