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Neighborhood Grant Program

Neighborhood pocket park

Neighborhood pocket park


The City of Kent Neighborhood Grant Program offers matching funds on a competitive basis to recognized neighborhood councils that organize themselves to develop and implement projects which will enhance the livability of their communities. A Neighborhood Grant is a 50% match of the total project value, with the other 50% contributed by the neighborhood. The neighborhood's portion of the grant can consist of volunteer labor (calculated towards match at $27.54 per hour), cash donations, materials and supplies, or professional services delivered at a customary rate.


Examples of neighborhood projects eligible for funding include:

  • Installation and/or improvement of neighborhood identity signage for entrances and gateways.
  • Landscaping of traffic islands and streetscapes.
  • Beautification of trails, play areas or retention ponds.
  • The planting of community gardens.
  • Historical projects, such as the mounting of plaques or the installation of markers.
  • Neighborhood newsletters.
  • Neighborhood events.

For more ideas and information, check out our Neighborhood Project Ideas page.


In the past, City Council has dedicated $25,000 a year in funds for neighborhood projects. There is no limit on the amount of Matching Grant funds available per grant project. Upon receipt, grant projects are evaluated and selected based on a series of criteria, which can be found on the Neighborhood Grant Program Criteria page. The amount of Matching Grant funds allocated to a neighborhood is based on a project's worthiness. All projects will be evaluated by the City of Kent Grant Review Team. 


Until the project receives approval, the City is not responsible for, nor will it pay for any expenses or costs incurred by the applicant for the project.


The deadline for filing a Matching Grant Project application is Friday, April 1, 2016.  Newsletter/Communication Grant applications are due by Thursday, December 1, 2016.


Grant applications are available below in a downloadable format. There are separate grant applications for newsletters and physical improvement projects.

  • The Neighborhood Matching Grant Information/Application packet will explain the specifics of how to apply for a Matching Grant, and other specifics about how projects are selected and implemented in the City of Kent.
  • To qualify for Grant Program consideration, a neighborhood should complete the Neighborhood Grant Information/Application packet and submit it to Toni Azzola, Neighborhood Program Coordinator. Completed applications are typically processed over a period of 45 days.
  • The Newsletter/Communication Grant Application can be submitted annually to enhance the communication in your neighborhood.  A W-9 Vendor Set-Up Request form must be submitted with the Newsletter/Communication Grant Application if you have not been recognized as a vendor with the City.  Newsletter/Communication grants provide for development of communication materials to relay information about what is happening in the City and in neighborhoods.  The funds offset the cost of website hosting, printing, mailing, electronic distribution and development of newsletters, flyers or posters.  Grant dollars cannot be used to promote political issues or campaigns and may not supplement existing newsletters for home owner associations.

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