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Kent Community Gardener Responsibilities


  • Always lock the gate behind you when entering or leaving the garden, no matter how quick your trip.
  • Report an inoperative lock to the Garden Coordinator at 253-856-5111.
  • Never unlock the gate for, or give the lock combination to, someone you don't recognize.
  • Garden hours are dawn until dusk every day.  Gardening at night is prohibited.
  • Always use tools properly and for their intended purpose.  Report broken tools to the Garden Coordinator at 253-856-5111.
  • Power Tools are Prohibited.  
  • Always supervise children closely.  Do not allow them to run, climb on anything, or throw anything at anyone, for any reason.
  • Do not bring any pets or animals into the garden.  All pets are prohibited.
  • NEVER leave children or pets unattended in a vehicle while gardening.
  • Keep the paths and common areas free of weeds, trash, tools, and debris.
  • Report theft, vandalism, or trespassing to the Garden Coordinator at 253-856-5111.  Call 9-1-1 for emergencies.


  • Keep your telephone number, email, and mailing address up to date.  Contact the Garden Coordinator at 253-856-5111 with changes.
  • Attend the annual Community Garden Orientation before opening day.  All gardeners will be invited.
  • The volunteer Community Garden Leadership Group may organize a group purchase of compost early in the season.  Details at Orientation.
  • Help spread the city-provided wood chips into paths at the annual work party prior to opening day.  All gardeners will be invited.
  • Prepare and begin working your plot(s) no later than May 15.
  • Beginning June 1, neglected plots will be offered to people on the waiting list, without refund of fee or deposit.
  • WEED YOUR ENTIRE PLOT(S). You can lose your deposit, fee, and plot(s) if it becomes overgrown with weeds.  Do your part to prevent weeds from spreading!
  • Keep your plot(s) separated.  Do not adjoin any plots or remove any paths.
  • Do not plant invasive, thorny, or toxic plants of any kind.
  • Clean the community tools when done using them and return them to the shed.
  • Keep the shed neat and organized.
  • Cannabis cultivation for any purpose is prohibited.
  • Replenish the paths around your plot(s) with city-provided wood chips as needed.
  • Clear everything out of your plot(s) by the annual October date provided so the ground can be tilled for the winter season.  This includes plant stalks, fencing, stakes, weeds, twine, etc.  Burlap, fabric, or plastic sheeting must be completely removed.  Leaving debris in your plot(s) will result in loss of your deposit.


  • Use only organic gardening products and techniques.  Chemical herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or soil amendments are not allowed.  Check your product at OMRI.org before using it if unsure.
  • Use hose nozzles and watering cans to conserve water.  Sprinklers and soaker hoses are not allowed.
  • Use only the city-provided wood chips to replenish the paths.  If more are needed, contact the Garden Coordinator at 253-856-5111.
  • Pack out all trash.  Do Not Use the Bishop's Storehouse dumpsters.
  • Place only crop refuse in the compost bin.  Do not put weeds or diseased plants in the compost - pack them out with your trash.
  • Help turn the contents of the compost bin.
  • Never harm or trap any rabbits, birds, or other wildlife in the garden.  Use fencing, pinwheels, decoys, etc. to deter them instead.


  • Be courteous, considerate, and practice safety in the garden.
  • Do not use crude, vulgar, or offensive language.
  • Tobacco in all forms is prohibited at all times.  It is toxic to some plants and insects.
  • Alcohol, intoxicating drugs, and cannabis are prohibited from the garden at all times.
  • Use earphones.  Radios are not allowed.
  • Avoid shading your neighbor's plot(s).
  • Prevent spreading plants or vines from invading your neighbor's plot(s)
  • Harvest only from your own plot(s).
  • Do not sell any crops or produce from the garden.
  • Do share your extra bounty freely with family, friends and neighbors!
  • Please donate extra food to the Kent Food Bank, to help others in our community.  Thank you.