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Circulating Shuttle

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A FREE shuttle serving Downtown Kent and the Kent East Hill

Circulating Shuttle Brochure (PDF, 141KB)

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What is the Circulating Shuttle?

  • The Circulating Shuttle is a FREE service connecting the citizens of Kent to their community. 
  • The shuttle travels in several loops to reach the city's many shopping areas, banks, medical facilities, and senior housing.
  • Every bus is equipped for wheelchairs and bikes.
  • Shuttles can take reservations to leave its route (DART) [external link] to make special pick-ups.

How do I Ride the Circulating Shuttle?

  • Buses arrive each half-hour in the downtown area and each hour on the East Hill, from approximately 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
  • Originally called the Shopper Shuttle, some bus stops still display the colorful Shopper Shuttle Frog logo, inviting riders to "Hop Aboard".  Traditional King County Metro Signs are used where other buses stop.  The 914 and 916 are the route numbers for the Circulating Shuttle.
  • The Shuttle goes right to the front door of most of its destinations.
  • Drivers are trained to help passengers with their bags, wheelchairs, or other accessories.
  • Drivers can also assist you with any questions you may have in order to help you get to your destination.

Who offers this service?

  • Kent's circulating shuttle is the joint effort of King County Metro Transit, the City of Kent, and Hopelink.
  • King County manages the program with assistance from the city, and pays most operating costs.
  • The City of Kent reimburses King County for the amount normally expected in the farebox, in order to keep the shuttle as a free service for its citizens and businesses.
  • King County then contracts with Hopelink to provide the service.

Shopper ShuttleWhy does the City support the all-day circulating shuttle?

  • The City of Kent and its citizens designed the circulating shuttle to provide better mobility to its downtown seniors, and support local business.
  • While the shuttle is free to all riders, it is designed to meet the needs of Kent's senior population and other citizens with limited travel options.

Who do I call for a pick-up, or to find more information?

Schedule a pick-up: 866-261-3278

Metro Rider Information: 206-553-3000

Toll-Free: 800-542-7876

Hearing Impaired: 206-684-1739

Metro Online: http://transit.metrokc.gov [external link]