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Utility Services and Billing

Utility Services

The City of Kent operates the utilities of water, sewer, and storm drainage. However, not all of Kent is served by the Kent Water Utility. Other water services are provided through Soos Creek Water & Sewer and by Water District 111.

Other non-city owned utilities include Puget Sound Energy for electricity and gas and Republic Services of Kent, Allied Waste Division (253-872-7220) for garbage services.  


Other City Utilities

Puget Sound Energy 1-888-225-5773
Republic Services - Allied Waste Division                    253-872-7220           
Soos Creek Water & Sewer 253-630-9900
Water District 111 253-631-3770

What are the Kent utility bill rates? See detailed information in our Utility Rates Guide.


Water access rate is determined by the size of the water meter.  Water consumption is measured in units. One unit of water is 748 gallons (100 cubic feet). Most water meters are read every two months and rates are based on a two-tier rate structure.


Meter size Monthly charge
3/4" or 5/8" $13.10
1" $22.26
1-1/2" $33.98
2" $45.04
3" $95.50
4" $115.72



The first 14 units of water used in the two-month time frame are charged between $3.12 and $5.02 per unit depending on whether property is inside or outside city limits and whether summer or winter rates apply. Rates are considerably lower in the winter months. The range for water consumption for units above 14 is $4.22 to $6.17 per unit. The water access rate is based on meter size and is billed monthly.


  Inside City Limits Outside City Limits
Cubic Feet Winter Summer Winter Summer
0-700 $3.12 $4.11 $4.11 $5.02
700+ $4.22 $5.24 $5.24 $6.17
Lifeline rates* $0.61 $0.67

*Lifeline Program


Effective January 1, 2016, the residential sewer rate is $61.46 per month. Of that, Kent pays King County Metro (a wholesaler of sewage treatment) $42.03, with $19.43 going to the city for system maintenance and operations. All other than Single-family residential customers pay a sewer rate based on their water consumption with a minimum base rate of $61.46 a month.  

Storm Drainage

Commercial storm drainage rates are based on property size, percentage of impervious surface. Residential customers are billed a flat rate of $12.22.  For property owners within the city limits, not receiving water and/or sewer service from the city, Storm Drainage will be billed quarterly. Property owners who are outside of Kent's city limits will be billed with their property tax from King County.

Utility Rate Recap

Sewer               $61.46 per month
Storm Drainage      $12.22 per month
Water Meter $13.10 - $115.72 per month 
Water Usage $3.12 - $6.17 per unit - billed every other month 

What are the options in paying my Utility bill?

  • Pay utility bill online
  • Automated Payments are available.  You can print the Automated Payment form from our forms page, or call 253-856-5201 for more information.
  • By Phone with a Visa or MasterCard 253-856-5201
  • In person at the Centennial Building located at 400 West Gowe Street - 1st floor
  • Drop Box - located in the City Hall parking lot turnaround (220 4th Avenue South)
  • By mail - Utility Customer Services - PO Box 84665 Seattle, WA 98124

What form do I need to authorize a tenant be billed directly for utilities?

An owner authorization form for tenants can be printed from the customer service forms page, and sent to the city.

Special Discounts

Lifeline Program

Senior citizens, low income or disabled residents may qualify for the Lifeline Program. The City of Kent offers reduced rates to those in need.  Please call 253-856-5201 for more information.

Why does my utility bill change from month to month?

Kent bills a flat rate for utilities every month. However water consumption is billed once every two months. One month a fixed rate for water will show on the bill, and the next month, the water consumption charge for the past 60 days will also appear on the bill. Other variations are due to rate changes between the high (summer) months and lower (winter) months, and between individual households and businesses who practice conservation and those that do not. A very high water bill may be an indicator of a leaking toilet, faucet or other water leak.

Opening and closing City of Kent utility accounts

Call 253-856-5201 for these services.

Who do I call for utility emergencies involving water, sewer, or storm drainage?

During regular work hours, call Public Works Operations at 253-856-5600. After hours contact the City of Kent Police at 253-856-5800.

Water Quality 

For questions regarding water quality, call Public Works Operations at 253-856-5600

Utility Taxes

The utility tax in Kent is 6.0% of the utility company's gross revenue. These utilities include city owned water, sewer and drainage, and non-city owned telephone, electricity and gas services. The only exceptions are garbage collection and cable TV. Garbage collection is charged 18.4%. There is a Cable TV Franchise tax of 5% of gross revenues. 

Garbage Services, Recycling and Collection Events

Who do I contact to sign up for garbage and recycling service?  Kent residents are serviced by Republic Services for both garbage and recycling service. You may contact them directly by calling 206-682-9735 for residential and 253-872-7220 for commercial accounts.  They offer many different levels of service/container sizes at different prices. Remember, by recycling, you can reduce the size of your garbage container, and reduce your disposal costs. 

When does the City provide the free curbside clean up events for residents?  The City of Kent schedules clean up events for residents twice a year. The fall event is early November, the Spring event is early April. This provides an opportunity to place extra garbage and yard waste at the curb for free collection.

When are the Special Recycling and Collection events held?  These events are held twice a year, generally the third Saturday in October and the third Saturday in March at Russell Road Park. The event is for the collection of hard to recycle items such as appliances, tires, scrap metal, motor oil, antifreeze, and additional materials.  Notices are usually sent out with City of Kent Utility Bill.

How do I properly dispose of my household hazardous waste?  King County offers several fixed collection sites in King County.  They also have a roving Wastemoblile.  To find out where the nearest location is for you, visit King County's webiste for household disposal locations or call the Hazards Line for more information at 206-296-4692.

Storm Drainage and Sewer Division

All storm drainage and sewer problems and questions should be directed to Public Works Operations at 253-856-5600.

Vegetation and tree control

Concerns about roadway obstructions, overgrown vegetation and trees should be directed to Public Works Operations at 253-856-5600.


More Information

For more information about our Utility Rates please consult our Utility Rates Guide or call our office at 253-856-5201.