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Frequently asked questions 

I thought 911 was only for emergencies. How do I get an officer to respond without calling 911?

To report an emergency, dial 911.  If the situation is less critical, call 253-852-2121. This number directs you to the 911 system but is used to report events that do not urgently need a police officer. This includes when you need to report a suspicious person or situation, if the person is gone from the location.  When to call 911 vs. 253-852-2121

Call the Records Unit with general crime tip information, such as narcotic or prostitution activity that is not occurring at the time of your call. Records Unit staff will forward you to the appropriate officer or detective for the type of report. You can reach Records Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 253-856-5800.


 How do I report an abandoned or illegally parked vehicle?

If you would like to report an illegally parked or abandoned vehicle that is in the public right of way, please follow these steps:

  • Go to our Customer Support Center and choose Submit Request; choose abandoned vehicle or illegal parking. These go directly to parking enforcement.
  • Provide location of violation, description of vehicle, nature of the violation that is occurring and any contact information if you would like parking enforcement to follow up with you.
  • A description of an abandoned vehicle:

Vehicle that is parked on the roadway and unmoved for a period of time or apparently inoperable and incapable of moving.

  • The vehicle will be tagged with an abandoned warning notice, which gives the owner a period of time to get the vehicle moved (typically 24-72 hours)
  • Parking enforcement follows up with the vehicle for any enforcement action needed once that period of time has ended.

Please feel free to contact the Kent Police Department with any parking questions you have.

How do I find out if someone is in your jail?

Call the City of Kent Corrections Facility at 253-856-5960. You may also check our Jail Inmate Lookup Service (JILS).  If you think the person is at the King County Jail in Kent (Regional Justice Center) or in Seattle, call 206-296-1234.

Where is your jail?

The City of Kent Corrections Facility is located at 1230 South Central, about one mile south of the City Hall and Police Department buildings.

The Kent Division of the King County Jail (RJC) is located at 620 West James St, next to Kent Commons. The Seattle Division of the King County Jail is located at Fifth and James, next to I-5.

Do officers help citizens with keys locked inside their vehicles?

Officers or VIPS (Volunteers In Police Service) will assist residents with keys locked inside vehicles. However, the officer/volunteer will warn the owner of the vehicle that damage may occur due to the type of vehicle door lock and require the owner to sign a hold harmless waiver. You need to call (253) 852-2121 to request assistance when keys are locked inside the vehicle.

I need to get my belongings out of my apartment, but I don't feel safe going there alone. Can the police help?

Yes.  Call 253-852-2121 to request a civil standby. This means the officer will accompany you and standby to keep the peace. The officer will not intervene in a civil action or determine ownership of property if there is a dispute. The officer is there to ensure that no crime occurs. Please understand that crimes in progress will take priority over a civil standby.

Do I get a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) from Kent PD, or do I have to go to King County?

If you live within the city limits of Kent, you would apply for a CPL with Kent PD or the King County Sheriff's Office. If you do not live within the city limits of Kent, contact your local law enforcement agency. Currently we fingerprint CPL applicants various hours on Wednesday and one Saturday per month by appointment only. At the appointment, the applicant will complete an application, sign forms, pay the $50.75, and be fingerprinted. We then complete a criminal history background check. If all returns come back clear of deniable offenses (felony or domestic violence convictions), you will receive your CPL in the mail within one month. Contact the Kent PD Records Unit at 253-856-5800 to schedule an appointment.


You can pick up an application from the Records section located in the lobby of the PD.   You also need to sign the notice form included with the application. Remember to bring both of these forms to your CPL fingerprint appointment.

Do you do fingerprinting there?

Yes, we fingerprint on Wednesdays and one Saturday per month by appointment only. Call the Kent PD Records Unit at 253-856-5800 to get the current schedule and make an appointment.  Don't delay - fingerprint slots fill up fast!


We fingerprint Kent School District employees and Concealed Pistol License (CPL) applicants who live within the city limits of Kent.  A $10 fee per card is required for residents who live within the city limits of Kent ($15 per card for non residents) for other fingerprint purposes, including employment, adoption, and professional licensing. If the requestor specifically asks for prints to be in ink, bring fingerprint cards with the letter from the requestor.   

AFIS provides enhanced fingerprint ID services to the criminal justice entities within the county, including the City Of Kent.  AFIS staff fingerprint and identify inmates booked into county jails.  Wanted or dangerous offenders are identified prior to release, even if they provide false names to evade outstanding warrants.  Staff also recover latent fingerprints and palmprints from major crime scenes, to identify criminals.  The program includes technology that makes it possible to collect and match prints.  Overall, AFIS aids in solving crimes and contributes to the safety of citizens and officers.

I don't know my case number, but I need information. What information do you need to locate my case?

We need as many of the following details as you can provide:

  • incident or crime type
  • date and time it occurred
  • date and time you reported it
  • the location (address) of the incident
  • reporting officer name

I'm interested in moving into XYZ apartments. What's the crime rate there?

Many people ask for crime statistics on apartments to help them decide where to live. Statistics can be deceiving. What do they compare to? How do they compare to other areas, other cities, or prior years? Is crime going up or down? Has the property sold? Is there new management? Has it been recently renovated? Statistics do not answer these questions.


When you are looking at apartments, you can obtain better information than statistics by looking for the positive signs throughout the grounds, in the apartments and from apartment management. Through our Crime-Free Rental Housing Program, we work with managers and owners of rental residential property to reduce crime in Kent.


Check crime maps in your neighborhood at KentCrimeReports.com