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Disabled Parking Enforcement

The Disabled Parking program informs and reminds businesses and citizens of their obligation to obey State law regarding reserved parking for those who are disabled or handicapped.


VIPS contact local businesses and reminds them of their obligation to provide disabled parking spaces and ensure they are properly marked per the Revised Code of Washington (RCW 46.16.381).  They also contact citizens parking in such spots and confirm validity of Handicapped Placards and Handicapped License Plates.


Disabled Parking teams consist of two VIPS members patrolling a designated area looking for possible violations.  Volunteers are trained on how to fill out citations and instructed on procedures and policies for issuing them.  All members of the Disabled Parking program are issued Limited Police Commission by the Chief of Police upon successful completion of required field and classroom training. 


When a violation is observed, VIPS identify if the parking space is properly marked and signed for Disabled Parking, and whether the parked vehicle has a valid placard hanging from the mirror or if the vehicle has a valid Handicapped License Plate. 

If a violation has occurred, a photograph is taken of the vehicle, showing the Disabled Parking sign and/or the absence of a valid placard or plate.  A notice is left on the windshield advising the registered owner of the vehicle that a citation will be issued and mailed.   A citation is filled out and signed, with the photograph and notes attached, turned into the Traffic Sergeant for review, and sent to the court for processing and mailing to the registered owner of the vehicle.