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Block Watch

Block Watch is a neighborhood based crime prevention program. Public Education Specialists can assist community residents who want to start a Block Watch in their neighborhood.

Why Start a Block Watch?

Block Watch is a proven, neighbors-helping-neighbors program.  Neighborhoods with an active Block Watch program have reduced crime in their neighborhood.

Program Basics

  • Get to know your neighbors. Plan an event such as a potluck, picnic, or an ice cream social.  Involve the children. Food seems to be a great way to attract people.
  • Operation ID. Mark at least three items in your home with your driver's license number. Mark items which are likely to be stolen, such as stereos, computers, televisions, or microwaves. The marking should be permanent and include the indication of "WA" for Washington, and "DL" for driver's license, e.g. WA/SMITHJP544LN/DL.
  • Block Watch members are given information on ways to improve the security of their homes.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Ask neighbors if they would like to prevent crime in the neighborhood.
  • Contact your Community Education Coordinatr at (253) 856-5883 or e-mail.
  • Attend Kent Police Department's Block Watch 101 class; offered quarterly.
  • Decide how large your Block Watch area should be.  It is easy to divide a larger area into smaller groups if need be.
  • Create a map of your neighborhood and a phone/email tree. Once these are completed, give a copy to your sector Public Education Specialist.
  • Block Watch signs will be installed in your neighborhood and you can start receiving crime statistics via email to share with your Block Watch.
  • Plan an event for National Night Out every year; held the first Tuesday in August.