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Green River/Howard Hanson Dam

Storms in January 2009 weakened the Howard Hanson Dam, causing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to restrict the water level of the reservoir behind it.  Their inability to store as much water as in the past, forcing them to release water during very signficant "Pineapple Express" storms increased the risk of flooding in the Green River Valley for the last few years.


Repairs have now been made at the dam, and it is operating at full capacity again for the 2011-2012 flood season.


Even with full working capacity at the dam, there is always some flood risk here in the Green River Valley as well as other areas near bodies of water.

Stay prepared this flood season

It's important to get ready and stay ready.

  • Buy flood insurance, if you have not already done so
  • Establish or update an emergency plan for your family, business, pets or livesock
  • Have emergency supplies on hand

Important information about issues related to the Green River


Get emergency information right away

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King County flood preparation information 

  • Information about regional efforts.

Green River Flooding - Get Ready, Stay Ready. 

  • A downloadable/printable brochure (PDF 1.8MB) on how to be prepared for a higher risk of flooding.

Fire Prevention - Flooding Code Issues (e-mail questions) 

  • Flood control devices
  • Fire lane issues
  • Fuel tanks/generators

Help Prevent Flooding in Your Neighborhood

To ensure proper rain water drainage, clear leaves and debris away from storm drains and ditches near your property.


Flood Water Driving Hazard

If you come upon a flooded roadway, take a detour. DO NOT attempt to drive over flooded roads...