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Public Works 2014 Work Plans


Signs and Markings 

Signs and Markings 



Citywide Island and C-Curb Painting (PDF, 2MB) 

Maintenance Painting (PDF, 2MB) 

Guardrail Repair (PDF, 3MB) 

Raised Pavement Markings (PDF, 2MB) 

Thermoplastic (PDF, 2MB) 

Torch Down Pavement Markings (PDF, 2MB) 

Street and Signal Sign Replacement (PDF, 2MB) 

Sign Inventory (PDF, 4MB) 




Street Maintenance

 Street Maintenance 



Grind/Inlay Projects (PDF, 3MB) 

ADA Ramp Upgrades and Sidewalk Replacement (PDF, 3MB) 

Street Crack Sealing Projects - In-house (PDF, 6MB) 

Street Crack Sealing Projects - Contracted (PDF, 2MB) 








Street Vegetation



Hazardous Tree Removal (PDF, 3MB) 

Traffic Islands and Gateways (PDF, 2MB) 

Roadside Mowing Schedule (PDF, 3MB) 

Storm Ponds (PDF, 3MB) 

City Owned Wetland Sites (PDF, 3MB) 









Storm Sewer System Cleaning and Inspection (PDF, 5MB) 

Annual Line Cleaning and Camera Inspection (PDF, 805KB) 

NPDES - Storm Structures that Need Cleaning (PDF, 3MB) 

NPDES - Storm Structures that Need Repairs (PDF, 2MB) 

NPDES - 2014 Projected Assessment Area (PDF, 3MB) 

Storm Spot Repairs (PDF, 2MB) 

Ditches to be Dug (PDF, 3MB) 

Storm Sewer Pump Stations (PDF, 5MB) 

Hot Spots During Heavy Rain Events (PDF, 2MB) 

Storm Hot Spots (PDF, 3MB) 

Roads Impacted by Minor Flooding (PDF, 2MB) 






Sanitary Sewer System Cleaning and Inspection (PDF, 3MB) 

Annual Line Cleaning (PDF, 900KB) 

Weekly Manhole Checks (PDF, 4MB) 

Monthly Checks and Cleaning (PDF, 4MB) 

Bi-Monthly and 90 Day Cleaning (PDF, 5MB) 

Sewer Drop Manholes (PDF, 5MB) 

Sewer Manholes Requiring Weeding (PDF, 5MB) 

Sewer Manholes and Cleanouts Needing Repair (PDF, 5MB) 

Sanitary Sewer System Repetitive Problems (PDF, 2MB) 

Sanitary Sewer Pump Station Service Areas (PDF, 4MB) 



Water Distribution





Water Main Cleaning Program (PDF, 3MB) 

Water Main Cleaning Station Research and Installation (PDF, 3MB) 

Dead End Water Main Flushing Program (PDF, 2MB) 

Sample Station Upgrade Program (PDF, 2MB) 

Water System Repairs (PDF, 3MB) 

Water Valve Operation and Maintenance (PDF, 2MB) 

Water Distribution System Projects (PDF, 2MB) 

Service Renewal Research (PDF, 4MB) 

Completed Air Vac Replacment Projects (PDF, 2MB) 

Air Vac Upgrade Research (PDF, 4MB) 


Hydrants and Large Meters

 Hydrants and Meters 


Hydrant Operations and Maintenance (PDF, 2MB) 

Fire Hydrant Upgrades and Repairs - 3rd Quarter (PDF, 2MB) 

Large Meter Maintenance (PDF, 2MB) 

Purity Testing (PDF, 2MB) 

Utility Locates (PDF, 3MB) 






Water Facilities

 Water Facilities 


Water Facilities Projects (PDF, 2MB) 

Bi-monthly Site Inspections (PDF, 3MB) 

Annual Cla-valve Rebuilding Program (PDF, 2MB) 

Generator Maintenance and Load Testing (PDF, 2MB) 







Water Quality

 Water Quality 


Water Quality Work Plan (PDF, 3MB) 

Sample Station Upgrade Program (PDF, 2MB) 












SCADA Projects (PDF, 2MB) 

SCADA System (PDF, 2MB) 

Telemetry, Electrical and Control Maintenance (PDF, 7MB) 






Design and Construction Projects 

Projects Underway

Boeing Levee 

Updated 11/26/13

Briscoe/Desimone Levee 

Updated 8/6/14

Green River Levee Improvement Program 

Updated 11/26/13

Hawley Road Levee 

Updated 7/18/14

Horseshoe Bend Levee 

Updated 7/18/14

Kentview Sanitary Sewer Interceptor 

Updated 7/2/14

Leber Homestead 

Updated 9/12/14

64th Avenue S. Culvert Replacement 

Updated 7/18/14

SR 516 to S. 231st Way Levee 

Updated 7/16/14

SE 256th Street Road Improvements 

Updated 7/18/14

SE 240th Street Slope Stabilization 

Updated 8/18/14

Future Projects

Downey Farmstead Restoration 

Updated 6/25/14

Green River Natural Resources Area Stormwater Pump Station 

Updated 2/26/14

Guiberson Reservoir Replacement 

Updated 7/18/14

James Street Pump Station 

Updated 7/18/14

Kent Kangley Pedestrian Improvements 

Updated 7/31/14

Kent Regional Trails Connector 

Updated 7/31/14

Mill Creek Culvert Replacements - 76th Ave. S. 

Updated 1/29/14

Mill Creek Relocation/Restoration - James St. to Kent Memorial Park 

Updated 8/24/12

108th/208th Intersection Improvements 

Updated 7/31/14

Riverview Park Trail and Slope Repair 

Update 6/25/14

Russell Road Levee 

Updated 7/18/14

72nd Avenue S. Extension 

Updated 2/25/14

640 Zone Water Improvements 

Updated 4/1/14

SE 267th Street Culvert Improvements 

Updated 7/18/13

S. 224th Street Project 

Updated 2/25/14

Upper Mill Creek Dam Improvements 

Updated 7/16/14

Valley Creek Channel Reestablishment 

Updated 1/29/14