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City of Kent alerts drivers to important dates for School Zone Speed Safety Camera Program

KENT, Wash. – November 12, 2013 – The city of Kent is progressing toward the launch of its new School Zone Speed Safety Camera Program at Sunrise and Neely-O’Brien elementary schools. 


Scheduled to begin November 18 with a warning phase, the photo enforcement systems will be operating, but no tickets will be issued. Instead, vehicles exceeding the 20 miles per hour (mph) speed limit while the school zone beacons are active will be mailed a warning notice.  While there no fine attached to the warning notice, the warning phase is temporary and ends December 20. 


Beginning Monday, January 6, 2014, vehicles exceeding the speed limit in these two school zones risk receiving a ticket. 


“Our goal is to get drivers to observe the speed limit, especially in school zones. To improve safety for school kids and to avoid receiving an infraction, all a driver needs to do is abide by the 20 mph speed limit,” said Kent Police Chief Ken Thomas. “It’s very straightforward.” 


Cameras will operate during school hours when the school zone beacons are flashing. Signs are in place to alert drivers that the school zone is a photo enforcement area. Cameras will capture images of the license plate of vehicles that exceed the school zone speed limit. All warnings and citations are issued after review by Kent police officers. Authorities issue a $124 fine for a vehicle exceeding the 20 mph school speed limit by 1 to 9 mph and issue a $248 fine for speeds of 10 mph or greater above the speed limit. 


The Kent City Council approved the enforcement locations based on a traffic study that identified both schools as having the highest number of vehicles exceeding the posted 20 mph speed limit.  


“Safety is our number one priority in the Kent School District so we need to do anything and everything as a school community to ensure our students are safe, including ensuring legally established school zone speed limits are respected.  We appreciate the City of Kent’s leadership to make this project become a reality.  They are true partners in helping our students travel to and from school safely each and every day,” Kent School District Superintendent Dr. Edward Lee Vargas said. 


The city contracts with American Traffic Solutions, Inc. to administer its safety program. The Kent Police Department reviews and approves each violation prior to issuing a warning or a citation. For more information on the School Zone Speed Safety Camera Program, visit KentWA.gov. 


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