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Welcome to the Kent Valley Loop Trail Master Plan Virtual Public Meeting #2.  

What do you think? 

Take a look at the proposed routes and enhancements below.  From our second survey, we've moved on to the final master plan. It's nearly ready to share. 

Through our design process and from your comments on the first survey (see more below), it became clear that the original goal of one loop was neither as feasible nor as desirable as the series of loops of differing lengths that is illustrated in this concept. This concept also brings Frager Road “into the loop,” so to speak, as a portion of several of the proposed loop trail routes.  Click here for the fun descriptions and maps.   


1.Loop composite trailSome of these routes are currently accessible. Others will need key linkages to be complete. All of them need some level of enhancements to make them safe, comfortable and convenient for families. Here are some of our proposed enhancements.


Of course, this project is not being planned in a vacuum. There are several projects being planned and constructed along the Green River that will impact, and be impacted by, the trail and trail use. Specifically, the city has several levee projects in various stages of planning, design and construction. We'll put links to them as they are available.   


First virtual public meeting


What's a “virtual public meeting” and why did we use that format?  We’ve learned that residents and trail users want to give input on public projects like these but frequently don’t have the time to head to a real world meeting. When we offer folks the chance to provide input on their schedule rather than ours, we tend to get more input. And it’s more detailed, because they’ve had more time to consider the questions. In short, this system looks to be working better for us—because it’s working better for you.


We collected 275 comments and read every one, so thank you for your feedback! Your comments reflected a passion for trails, and a lot of local knowledge and wisdom. Here's a list of comments from the first public meeting 


We asked, “What is your favorite thing about the Green River and/or Interurban Trails?”

You answered:

Liked Best Wordle 


 We asked, “What is your least favorite thing about the Green River and/or Interurban Trails?” You answered:

Liked least Wordle 

The information and suggestions we received from your comments helped us articulate a goal and a vision for the loop trail system. You can find that here.  





KVLT Loop Descriptions & Maps

We have identified five trail loops of varying lengths that offer a variety of experiences for recreational use.