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Neighborhood Workshops


Leadership in Neighborhoods 


Presented by Karma Ruder  

  • Do you know the fundamentals of leadership?  
  • What does it take to make a good leader?  
  • What are the characteristics of a good leader? 
  • What is your leadership challenge? 

Creating Gracious Space - setting the table for good conversations 

Gracious Space Module 1 

Gracious Space Module 2 

Gracious Space Primer 

Gracious Space Self Assessment 


Community conversations: 

  • What have you learned about leadership that works? 
  • What in your leadership approach undermines what you say you want to do? 
  • What leaderhship approaches will you practice moving in 2014? 


Learn the answers to these questions and build your own leadership skills. 


   Karma Ruder 2013 website 





Neighborhood District Summit

Presented by Dr. Elton Gatewood


Neighborhood Districts.....What's in it for me?


It's a question that often comes up.  What you get is impowerment.


Hear first hand how Dr. Elton Gatewood helped Tacoma residents understand the power they had to get organized

and make their neighborhoods, and their city, better.


From neighborhood improvements and problem solving to influencing city government policies, Dr. Gatewood's self-help concept will show attendees how to harness their collective resources to build strong communities.  Gatewood says when residents are unified and actively engaged, they develop a sense of ownership as they look after their city's physical, political, and economic interests.


Dr. Gatewood spent 37 years managing the Neighborhood Council Program for the City of Tacoma.  His experise in community engagement, democracy governance, and community mobilization has taken him to audiences around the world.


  Dr. Elton Gatewood Photo_MG_4879_edited(2) 



Mayor Suzette Cooke:

Learn what a Neighborhood District is,

who's involved, and why Kent is moving

in this direction.

Toni Azzola, Neighborhood Program Coordinator

presented the District logistics.

An overview of how Districts are structured

and how they function.

Councilmember Jamie Perry:

Neighborhood Urban Centers...what are

they, and why does the City Council

want more of them?

Charlene Anderson, City of Kent Planning

Manager presented neighborhood eateries,

residential retail...what do you think?  And

discussion of what is possible.





Patti Dudley:

Fundamental Conflict Resolution Tips  


Focused on group dynamic processes,

community leadership and interpersonal     

skill development.







Marcia Holland:

Establish a Fun & Dynamic Board     


Identify and achieve critical goals

for organizations.    





Highlights of Neighborhood Projects:


Scenic Hill - Salmon Life Cycle Mural    

North Park - Spanish Language Forum

Saltair Hills - Kiosk & Entrance Sign 

Kent West Hill - Vandal-Proof Mailboxes 




Jim Diers:


Neighborhood Power:

Building Community the Seattle Way   





Thomas Whittemore: 


Building, Preserving and Serving  

our Communities