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640 Zone Water Improvements

Project Description: PRV Station

This project will increase water pressure for homes in the higher elevations of the existing 590 zone (590 feet above sea level) on the east hill that have had problems with low water pressure.  The project includes: 

  • 4 million gallon reservoir (completed)
  • 2 pump stations
  • Upgraded water pipes to increase system capacity or to isolate zones
  • Large pressure reducing valve stations to regulate water pressure on the mainlines (completed)
  • Individual pressure reducing valves at homes located in the lower elevations of the system

The design water surface elevation at the new reservor is 640 feet above sea level, giving the new zone its name.  After all of the improvements are completed, this zone will provide up to an additional 22 pounds per square inch of water pressure to the homes in this zone.  Various pressure reducing valves will maintain optimal water pressures throughout the system.


See a map of the project locations (PDF, 3MB)

Estimated Project Cost:

$25 million

Timeline of Events:

2010 to 2011 - The 640 Zone Water Reservoir was constructed

2013 to 2020 - During each construction season (approximately April through September), City contractors will construct various phases of the system upgrades described above.

2020 - The 640 Zone will go on-line  

Project Engineer:

Ken Langholz
(253) 856-5516

Construction Inspector:

Phil McConnell

(253) 856-5542