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Boeing Levee  

Project Description: Boeing  11-29-12

This project is part of the City of Kent's Green River Levee Improvement Program.  The program includes an engineering evaluation of the levees along the east side of the Green River and rebuilding or improving levees as needed. The Boeing Levee is located along the east side of the Green River between S. 200th Street and S. 212th Street. It connects to other levee segments included in the Green River Levee Improvement Program. Together, these levees reduce flood risk in approximately two-thirds of the Kent Valley.


Construction at the Boeing Levee was completed in the City's Three Friends Fishing Hole Park in 2013. The City's contractor built a secondary levee through the parking lot and a flood wall was installed behind the park to reduce flood risk. 


Construction included:

  • Approximately 220 linear feet of new earthen levee.
  • Approximately 740 linear feet of I-walls (reinforced concrete wall built on top of sheet piles).
  • A decorative artwork design was applied to the concrete wall.
  • Raising and grading of the parking lot and bridge enbankment to maintain access aesthetics.
  • Restoration of the entire park site upon project completion.  

See a map of the project location (PDF, 2MB)

Timeline of Events

Fall 2011 - Submit completed engineering studies to FEMA on the proposed levee improvements

Summer 2012 - Begin construction of the secondary levee and floodwall
Summer 2013 - Complete construction of the secondary levee and floodwall

2017 - FEMA will confirm that the proposed levee improvements are adequate to remove Kent valley properties from floodplains after construction of other levees is complete

Construction Cost:



Quigg Bros. Inc.

Project Engineer:

Toby Hallock
(253) 856-5536

Construction Inspector:

Jason Bryant

(253) 856-5541