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The Official Website of the City of Kent

Vision for Kent in 2025

Kent is a safe, connected and beautiful city; culturally vibrant with richly diverse urban centers.  

Strategic Goals:

  • Develop and implement a sustainable funding model 
  • Create a plan to analyze current operations to identify and implement efficiencies. Research new revenue sources to sustain current operations. In light of new economic realities, prioritize public services and implement new fund reserve policies.
  • Create connections for people and places  
  • Develop and implement a plan to improve government processes.  Identify a funding source and revenue generating opportunities using fiber optics throughout the community.  Create connections for people and places by improving and expanding trails and roadways.  Design a Gateways Plan to create more friendly and welcoming entries into Kent.  Continue to identify neighborhoods.
  • Create neighborhood urban centers  
  • Transform zoning and planning to support the creation of new urban centers.  Transform the regulatory process to be efficient and eliminate redundancy.  Improve streetscapes and signage.  Identify a niche, uniqueness for Kent to develop.
  • Foster inclusiveness  
  • Promote inclusiveness and broaden the opportunities to celebrate and showcase the diversity of our community.  Seek ways to educate employees, employers and the community on the cultural diversity of Kent.  Remove barriers to increase hiring to match the city’s diverse population.
  • Beautify Kent  
  • Update design standards for residential, commercial and downtown areas of Kent.  Implement a plan for “Green Kent”, targeting greenways to include better use of open space and trees.  Leverage code enforcement to rid the city of unsightly areas.  Implement a plan for maintenance and resource management of our existing public and private infrastructure.