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City Services Directory

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-- A --  Abandoned Vehicles:
      Report an Inoperable Vehicle on Private Property - 253-856-5409
      Report an Inoperable Vehicle in the Public Right-Of-Way - 253-852-2121
      Report an Operable Vehicle Suspected Stolen and Dumped - 253-852-2121 
      Report a Parking Violation - 253-852-2121

Abandoned Bicycles - 253-852-2121

Action Request
Accident On-Line Report  Hit and Run No Suspect

Accident On-Line Report Washington State Patrol
Adopt-a-Highway - Washington State Department of Transportation 
Adopt a Park 253-856-5110
Air Quality 

     Animal Control Shelter  206-296-7387
     Regional Animal Service Donations
     Lost and Found
     Off Leash Area for Dogs    Grandview    Morrill Meadows
         Pet Adoptions  
         Pet Licenses  
         Spay/Neuter Clinic   
         West Nile Virus - Dead Animals   

Arts Commission  
Arts and Cultural Programs

Ask a Question Online

Attorney, City
     Civil Division   253-856-5770
     Prosecution Division  253-856-5770

Athletic Fields Scheduling 
Autos, Abandoned

-- B --

Bicycle Advisory Board
Bicycling in Kent 
Bicycling Guide Map King County 
Block Watch
Boat Ramps
Budget  253-856-5260

     Building and Land Use Information  
     Construction Project Bids  
     Green Building     
     Permit Center

Bus and Transit

     Business License  253-856-5210
     Commercial Business License     
     Home Business License

-- C --   

Cable Television      
     Cable Franchise Management Kent 
     Submit Cable Complaints & Comments  253-856-4646 

     Careers with the City  253-856-5272
     Fire Department Employment Information     
     Youth Employment Program 

Carpool Parking in Downtown Kent 
Cars, Abandoned 
CERT Community Emergency Response Team
Child Care Assistance
Children's Services
Chamber of Commerce - Kent  253-854-1770
Citizen Action Request
Civil Service  253-856-5280
City Newsletter Scene 
City Clerk's Office  253-856-5725
City Council  253-856-5712
City Council Meetings Online 
City Council Minutes Search 
City Staff
Classes Recreation  253-856-5000

     Building Codes 
     Code Enforcement 253-856-5409 CodeEnforcement@kentwa.gov
     Kent City Codes

Community Police Academy   

Council Meetings and Minutes Search
Community Resources  

Commute Trip Reduction
Complaints and Questions 
Conservation, Water

     Building and Land Use Information 

Contact the City  253-856-5200
Contact the Mayor 253-856-5700
Current Requests for Proposals, Qualifications, Information & Invitations to Bid 
Corrections Facility Kent 253-856-5960
Court Services Municipal Kent 253-856-5730 
CPR Classes
Crime Data & Maps
Crime Prevention 
Crime Reporting Tip Line (crimes not in progress) 253-856-5808
Crisis Clinic 1-877-435-7055
Customer Support

-- D --

Development, Economic 253-856-5454
Directory, Staff 
Dog Parks - Off-leash areas for dogs
Domestic Violence 
Disabled Parking Enforcement  
Domestic Abuse Women's Network
Drinking Water Quality Concerns    253-856-5600
Drinking Driving Task Force 253-856-5884
Driver's License WA State

Dumping Waste
     Household Hazardous Waste Disposal     
     Recycling and Disposal Stations
     Report Illegal Dumping  

EAlert Sign Up
Economic & Community Development Committee

     Colleges and universities 
     Environmental Education     
     Fire Education     
     Health & Nutrition Education
     Federal Way Public Schools
     Kent School District Education

Election Information

Electric Power
- PSE Puget Sound Energy  888-225-5773
     Power Line Clearance, Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management 888-225-5773
     Power Outages 888-225-5773
Electrical Problems Department of Labor and Industries 206-835-1111 

Email and Phone Directory for City Staff 
Emergency Resources

     Employment with the City  253-856-5272
     Fire Department Employment Information 
     Police Employment Information 

Energy Conservation - Home
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Projects


     Annual Events    
     Citywide Event Calendar 
     Annual Festivals and Cultural Events

-- F --

Facility Rental
     Kent Commons Recreation Center
     Kent Memorial Park Building
     Neely Soames House
     Senior Center 

Feedback and Questions
Festivals and Cultural Events
Finger Printing
First Aid Classes
Fire   253-856-4300
Fire In Progress, Real-Time 911 Fire Dispatch
Fire Prevention  
Fire Permit Forms

Fire Stations  253-856-4300
Flooding  253-856-5600  After Hours 253-852-2121

Food and Nutrition Services 

      Food Bank Location Kent Downtown  253-520-3550
      Food Bank Location Springwood  253-638-8690

      Food Stamps 


-- G --  


     Can Service  
     Commercial Services  
     Collection Calendar 
     Illegally Dumped Garbage in Right of Way  How to report 253-856-5600
     (sidewalks, streets, medians, parking strips)  
     Pay Your Water/Sewer Bills Online  253-856-5201
     Recycling and Disposal Stations 
     Report a Missed Garbage, Recycling, or Yard Waste Collection 206-682-9735

     Community P-Patch Program  253-856-5110
     Garden Hotline  
     Natural Lawn and Garden Care 
     Yard Waste 

Golf  Riverbend 253-854-3673
GIS Maps Online from Kent Public Utilities 
Graffiti Removal and Prevention  (253) 856-GRAF (4723)

-- H --  

Historical Society Kent  253-854-4330
Homelessness Forum
Home Repair Assistance   253-856-5065
Human Services Kent  253-856-5070
Human Services Referrals  253-856-5062
Human & Parks Services Commitee Online


-- I --

Ice Centre Web Site  253-850-2400
Ice Centre Kent Valley
Illegal Dumping, How to Report   253-856-5600
Invitations to Bid, Requests for Proposals
Inmate Lookup Service, Jail 

-- J --

Jail  253-856-5960
Jail Inmate Lookup Service 
Jobs - City of Kent
Jobs Line  253-856-5270
Junk Storage - How to Report -  253-856-5409

-- K --
Kent Chamber of Commerce  253-854-1770
Kent Channel - City of Kent TV Channel 21
Kent City Council Meetings Calendar Online
Kent City Code
Kent Downtown Partnership/Market  253-813-6976
Kent Food Bank 253-520-3550
Kent ShoWare Center Events Information 
     Main Phone:          253-856-6777    
     Event Hotline:        253-856-6990
     Charge-by-Phone:  253-856-6999

Kent TV 21 LIVE

-- L -- Land Use Notices
Land Use and Planning Board Online

     Civil Division   253-856-5770
     Prosecution Division  253-856-5770

Lawn and Garden
Community P-Patch Program 
     Natural Lawn Care  
     Natural Lawn and Garden Care      
Legal Resources
Library   253-859-3330

Litter and Debris:
     Spring Clean - Volunteer led annual neighborhood clean-ups 
     Adopt-a-Highway - Washington State Department of Transportation 
     Adopt-A-Road - King County
     Adopt-A-Park Kent 
     Litter, garbage, and junk accumulation - Code Enforcement- 253-856-5409

Livestock in city limits

-- M --

Mayor's Office   253-856-5700

Map and GIS Services     
     City Guide to Maps      Visiting Kent - Maps and Directions 
     Parks Locations
     Parks Guide  
     Zoning Map   Land Use Map

Meals on Wheels  253-856-5158
Municipal Court  253-856-5730

-- N --   

 Block Watch
     Neighborhood Councils   253-856-5708
     Neighborhood Map 
     Neighborhood Matching Fund 

News Releases     
     City & Community Email Lists     
     Current Kent Headlines 

-- O --
Off Leash Area for Dogs    Grandview    Morrill Meadows

Operations Committee Online
Online Services 
Ordinance passed by Kent City Council 

-- P -- 
P-Patch Program

Arts & Cultural Programs    Facilities Management 253-856-5080     
     Facility Rental    253-856-5000
     Find a Park    Parks Map
     Recreation Center, Kent Commons    253-856-5000
     Planning and Development    253-856-5110
     Parks Maintenance    253-856-5120

     Arbor Heights 360 Park     
     West Hill Skate Park     
     Kent Lions Skate Park
Parks Volunteer

Passports  King County Regional Justice Cener
Pool    Swimming  Kent Meridian
Post Office Location Kent 
Probation  253-856-5950

     Automatic Utility Bill Payment 
     Pay Your Water/Sewer/ Bills Online 
     Register and Pay for Fire and Police Exam Applications 

Pedestrian Resources 
Permit Center  253-856-5300
     Business License
     Business License Fees 
     Home Business License 
     Business License Renewal     
     Business License King County
     Commercial Business License


     Regional Animal Services 
     Lost and Found 
      Off Leash Area for Dogs    
Grandview    Morrill Meadows

     Spay/Neuter Clinic 

Phone and Email Directory for City Staff 

Pick up dead animals

Planning   253-856-5454
     Permits Desk   253-856-5300  
     Permits Forms and Fees   
     Planning and Land Use Board Online 

     Police Non-Emergency Main Number  253-856-5800 (open during business hours only)
     Community Police Academy

Power - PSE Puget Sound Energy  888-225-5773 
Power Line Clearance, Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management 888-225-5773 
Power Line Broken or Damanged 888-225-5773
Power Outages PSE Puget Sound Energy  888-225-5773

Pothole Repairs 253-856-5600  Business Hrs. 7:30 - 4:00 
Public Disclosure - Public Records   253-856-5725
Public Works Committee Meetings Online
Public Safety Committee Online
Purchasing Services Bid Advertisements  
Protective Services Children
Public Notice
Public Art Public Information  253-856-5200
Public Works 253-856-5500

-- Q --

Questions and Feedback 
Ask a Question Online

-- R -- 
Railroad crossing arms stuck in down position
Rain Out Line  253-856-5020

Records Request
Recreation Classes 253-856-5000
Recycling and Disposal Transfer Stations 
Recycling Information Line  253-856-5549
Recreation Centers
Registered Sex and Kidnapping Offenders
Requests for Proposals, Requests for Service, Invitations to Bid 
Riverbend Golf Complex   253-856-FORE (3673)
Road Closures and Construction

-- S --

Save Havens Visitation Center  253-856-5140
School Districts
Senior Center   253-856-5150
Sewer and Drainage Services - Kent Utilities 253-856-5600, After hours 253-852-2121
Sewage backup, public sewer main problems  253-856-5600,  After hours 253-852-2121
Sewer Bill Payment, Pay Your Water/Sewer Bills Online 253-856-5201

     Confidential Shelters  

Sidewalk Repairs
Sidewalk, icy damaged or unsafe 253-856-5600
Pedestrian Resources 

Sister Cities 
ShoWare Center  
     Main Phone:            253-856-6777    
     Event Hotline:         253-856-6990
     Charge-by-Phone:    253-856-6999

Skate Parks    
Arbor Heights 360 Park    West Hill Skate Park    Kent Lions Skate Park
Smog: Air Quality
Speed Watch Radar TrailerStaff, City
Streaming Video Kent TV 21


     Street Flooding 253-856-5600  After Hours 911
     Street Light Repair 1-877-229-1235 Toll Free

Swimming Pool  Kent Meridian

-- T --  
Television, Cable 253-856-4646 
Transit and Bus

     Comment Line  253-856-5566
     Traffic School
     Ticket Payments   
     Traffic Conditions and Flowmaps
     Traffic Maps 
     Traffic Problem Non - emergency  253-856-5566 
     Traffic Signal Not Working 253-856-5565 
     Traffic Sign, missing or damaged 253-856-5600 
     Traffic Volume Maps

     Trees, brush or garbage in the roadway 253-856-5600

     Tree Removal, Call before you cut 
     Street Trees

TV - City (Kent TV 21)
TV Schedule, Kent TV 21

-- U --
Utilities 253-856-5201
     Automatic Utility Bill Payment     
     Open or Close Your Kent Utilities Account 253-856-5201
     Pay Your Water/Sewer Bills Online
     Payment Assistance Programs  
     Rates - PSE Puget Sound Energy  888-225-5773 
     Rates - Water and Sewer

     Rate Reduction - Lifeline rates
     Kent Utility Billing   253-856-5201
-- V --


     Tree Removal, Call before you cut
     Vegetation, Weed Removal
Vegetation blocking a traffic control device - Kent Department of Transportation - 253-856-5600
Vegetation in the power lines - PSE Puget Sound Energy - 888-225-5773 
Vehicle Abandoned - Report (public areas) - 253-852-2121
Victims Assistance 
Video Watch Kent TV Channel 21 Online
VIPS Volunteers in Police Service  253-856-5880
Visitor's Guide 
Voting King County
Voter Registration

-- W --

     Commercial Customers
     Drinking Water Quality   253-856-5600
     Drinking Water Services  253-856-5600
     Surface Water Pollution 
     Water Leaks
     Water Meters  
     Water Pressure Concerns  253-856-5600   
     Water Quality 
     Water Safety

Weather Emergencies Tips
Winter Storm Information
West Nile Virus - Dead Animals

-- X Y Z --
Yard Care Natural
Yard Waste Collection
Youth & Family Services Kent

Zoning Code   253-856-5302

     Zoning Map


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