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Mill Creek Neighborhood Council, 2015

Since 2014, a portion of the Mill Creek neighborhood has been designated as a King County Historic Landmark District.  The grassroots efforts of the residents now have close to 100 plaques mounted on homes in the neighborhood.  The Third Edition of "A Community of Unique & Historic Homes" is now available highlighting the neighborhoods history.  The city contributed $1,810 and the neighborhood match was $2,380.  The project total cost amounts to $4,336.76.  Total volunteer hours were 170 and donations calculated to be $146.76. 



Pheasants Hollow Neighborhood Council, 2015

The community surrounding the Pheasants Hollow neighborhood tackled a larger project involving installation of new playground equipment while cleaning and beautifying the entire park area.  The city contributed $8,204.08 and the neighborhood match was over 103 volunteer hours calculating to $1,445.36.  Neighborhood contributions added up to $8,052.96.  The total cost of the project was $17,845.11.



Saltair Hills Neighborhood Council, 2015

Saltair Hills is at it again adding two new benches off of SE 252nd Street and 25th Ave. S and enhancing the corner of SE 250th Street and 20th Ave. S. both which are their main entrances to their neighborhood. The city contributed $932.26 and the neighborhood match was 159 volunteer hours calculating to $2,366.  The total cost of the project was $3,298.26.




Fieldstone Neighborhood Council, 2012

Take a look at the street frontage beautification project that has been recently completed along SE 240th Street and 127th Place SE.  They trimmed trees, sheared shrubs, cleaned up weeds and ground cover.  What a huge difference this has made for the area.  The city contributed $891.00 and the neighborhood match was $1,087.40 with the project total cost amounting to $1,978.40.  Total volunteer hours were 65.6 and donations calculated to be $169.00. 

FieldstoneAftersmall Fieldstone240thAftersmall

Tudor Square Neighborhood Council, 2012

Barbeque anyone?  This neighborhood installed two Pilot Rock covered grills in Tudor Square Park.  The project cost is  $3,438.46 with the city contributing $1,353.00 and the neighborhood matched $2,085.46. Total volunteer hours were 77.5 and donations calculated to be $108.71. 

Tudor Square Grills completed


Seven Oaks East Neighborhood Council, 2012

Have you ever driven by a neighborhood at night and you couldn’t see the neighborhood identification sign?  Now you'll never miss Seven Oaks East entrance again with this 12’ pole with an acorn light illuminating the area by their sign.  The city contributed $1,952.75 and the neighborhood matched $2,077.00.  The project total cost was $4,029.75.  Total volunteer hours were 18 and donations calculated to be $1,825.00.  



Saltair Hills Neighborhood Council, 2012

Our most western piece of Kent has identified their corner with a new entrance sign and bench.  The project total cost was $4,705.92 with a neighborhood match of $4,113.00 and the city contributing $592.92. City of Des Moines was so kind to add a storm drain in what used to be open ditch.  This allows pedestrians to be able to walk along the shoulder of the west side of 20th Ave. to avoid traffic in the street.  Keep an eye out this spring as you will see plants begin to appear.  Total volunteer hours were 167 and donations calculated to be $1,775.00. 

BeforeSaltair Hills Project Before4-1-12

AfterSaltair Hills Project Update web



Saltair Hills' Neighborhood Council, 2011

The Saltair Hills' Neighborhood Council's project focused on the installation of a gravel walkway, meant provide a safer environment for pedestrians along the north side of SE 252nd Street east and west of 25th Avenue South. The City awarded $2,643.19 in grant funds with only $1,668.06 being used.   The neighborhood match was $2,954.00 for a grand total of $4,622.06 with 211 volunteer hours to complete the project.

Before Saltair Hills- Before

AfterSaltair Hills- after


Mill Creek Neighborhood Council, 2011


The Mill Creek Neighborhood Council now has close to eighty homes with plaques identifying the year homes were built, the original builder/owner and the Mill Creek neighborhood along with the second edition of "A Community of Unique & Historic Homes" book available for purchase at the Kent Historical Museum.  The City awarded $2,099.66 in grant funds with a neighborhood match of $4,237.73 for a grand total of $6,337.39.  161 hours of volunteer time put into this project with $1,973.23 of in-kind donations. 

Mill Creek2 MillCreekACommunityofUniqueHistoryBook2010-2



Misty Meadows Neighborhood Council, 2011

The Misty Meadows Neighborhood Council spruced up two of their neighborhood entrances. The south entrance is located at SE 231st Way and the north entrance is at SE 228th Place, both off of 132nd Avenue SE. The City awarded $3,727.33 in grant funds, with a match of $9,554.30 from the neighborhood.  The total cost of the project was $13,281.63 which includes over 282 hours of volunteer time.





Kent West Hill Neighborhood Council, 2011

The Kent West Hill Neighborhood Council added eight more vandal-proof mailboxes, serving 75+ residents, throughout their neighborhood located east and north of Reith Road, west of Interstate 5, and south of 516. The City awarded $10,608.10 with only $10,286.64 being used.  A match from the neighborhood of $10,954.66.  Total project cost $21,241.30. To date, over 300 residents have participated in these community mailboxes and 556 hours of volunteer time to complete the project. This has helped to reduce phone calls made to the police for mail theft.




Tudor Square Neighborhood Council, 2011

The Tudor Square Neighborhood Council, after not having entrance signs to identify their neighborhood for more than 20 years, made it a priority to build the columns for both new signs that were just recently installed. The City awarded $5,108.92 in grant funds with only $4,539.03 being used.  The neighborhood match was $7,842.79 for a grand total of $12,381.82.  179 volunteer hours put into this project with $3,173.79 of in-kind donations.  One has been placed at the southwest corner of 114th Avenue SE and SE 269th Street. The other is located at the southeast corner of SE 269th Street and 108th Avenue SE.