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What is Public Works?

Our mission is to provide safe, cost effective, and essential systems to serve our citizens, businesses, and the environment. We maintain and operate five distinct utilities, design and construct a variety of capital projects, and provide for safe transportation throughout the City.  

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Engineering Division

Engineering the future of Kent

 citizen advisory    neighborhood traffic calming    safe walking routes    Survey 

  • Administration and Accounting includes senior leadership, administrative support, and processing of contracts and payments.
  • Construction Engineering manages all capital construction projects, in addition to the review and inspection of  private commercial and residential sites. 
  • Design Engineering designs and manages all city municipal projects, such as storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water, and street systems. It also provide information rights-of-way, easements, and legal ownership.
  • Environmental Engineering is responsible for the preservation and enhancement of the natural environment, including conservation and recycling programs. 
  • Survey provides technical information on topography, locations, and the physical environment to support public and city projects. 
  • Transportation Engineering designs and manages traffic devices such as signals, lighting, and lane markings, as well as special programs like neighborhood traffic calming and commute trip reduction. 

Operations Division

Role model for service excellence and environmental stewardship

fire hydrant repair     Snow removal     water line repair     utility locates 

  • The Administration Section senior leadership, administrative support, and technical support needed for the various computer systems.  
  • Fleet Services maintains vehicles and equipment not only for the Public Works Department, but also for departments throughout the City. They are responsible for over 600 vehicles and pieces of equipment, including pavers, mowers and sanders. 
  • The Sewer Section includes both sanitary sewer and stormwater drainage. Crews maintain the sanitary sewer collection system, including operation, inspection and maintenance within our sewer franchise area. The storm water drainage group operates and maintains piping systems, bio-swales, retention and detention facilities, ditches, and pump stations. Inspectors are also responsible for multi-family, commercial, and industrial drainage systems in efforts to reduce the impact of flooding and enhance the community's water quality. 
  • Street maintenance crews are responsible for asphalt patching, pothole repair, litter control, and snow and ice control. The Signs and Markings team is responsible for all traffic signs within the city, as well as paint striping of roadways, crosswalks, parking stalls, and other pavement markings. The Vegetation crews mow shoulders and ditches along the highways, bio-swales, and storm retention ponds, as well as trimming shrubs and trees.  
  • The Water Sectionoperate and maintain Kent's water system and provide clean, drinkable water for its customers, as well as an adequate water supply for domestic and fire protection needs. The crews are also responsible for utility locates, hydrant repairs, and large meter testing.