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Registered sex and kidnapping offenders

A database called "Offender Watch" is available to track sex/kidnapping offenders throughout Washington State. The program allows Law Enforcement agencies to enter and retrieve data from one source. The system also allows public access at:



The public may sign up for email notifications when sex offenders move into a selected area and search selected geographical areas around an address. There is also a name search. 


Level 2 or 3 offenders (moderate to high risk offenders) are posted on this website. Level 1 (low risk) offenders considered non-compliant for failing to register a current and valid address are also posted on this website. 


Kent Police Detectives personally contact all sex offenders living within the City of Kent. Frequency of checks is based on the offender level. An offender is also contacted anytime a new address is registered.  


Level 1 – once per year 

Level 2 – once every six months 

Level 3 – once every 3 months


You may also access location of registered sex offenders at www.kentcrimereports.com.