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Who Do I Call…

Public Works Operations business hours are 7am to 4pm, Monday – Friday and can be reached at 253-856-5600 or via email at publicworksoperations@kentwa.gov unless otherwise noted below.
After hours emergency concerns for all items below, please call 253-856-5800 or 253-856-5600 Option # 1.


Please contact Public Works Operations at 253-856-5600 for the following concerns:

• Alley or shoulder maintenance
• Allowable construction work hours
• Blackberry bushes overgrowing yard on private property from public
• Car wash kits
• Dead animals – please note, the City of Kent will only recover wild animals.  For domestic animals please contact the Humane Society at 425-641-0080
• Ditches, culverts and storm drains
• Drinking water – quality concerns
• Erosion/ mudslide
• Flooding
• Guardrails/ dividers
• Hazardous spills/ illegal dumping
• Hydrants – damaged or open
• Intersection maintenance
• Litter on City property
• Missing manhole covers/ grates
• Missing or damaged street/ traffic signage
• No garbage service
• Retention Ponds/ Wetlands
• Potholes on Public Streets
• Sewage backups/ odors – the City is not responsible for maintaining private plumbing and sewer systems; for problems related to private systems, please call a contractor of your choice.  The sewer main in the street to the connection is City responsibility.  The connection to the residence is homeowner responsibility.
• Sidewalks – icy damaged or unsafe – The City is responsible for sidewalk damage caused by uprooted street trees planted by the city.  Property owners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks in front of or alongside their property.
• Street markings
• Street sweeping
• Traffic circles
• Traffic signals/ Lights
• Trees – dead, diseased or damaged trees located on City property.
• Vegetation – weeds, brush, blackberries, grasses located on City property
• Water mains breaks or leaks, bubbling up or flooding the street
• Water Pressure or service concerns.  The City of Kent’s responsibility is from the water main in the street to the water meter.

Traffic Concerns and Contact Information:


Non-emergency traffic problems___________________________253-856-5566
Power line broken or damaged – Contact Puget Sound Energy___888-225-5773
Railroad’s Emergency Numbers:
• BNSF Emergency – tracks closer to Central Ave_____________800-832-5452
• UPRR Emergency – tracks closer to West Valley_____________800-848-8715
Street light not working – contact IntoLight_________________ 877-229-1235
• Or go to the pole to get the pole number and go to www.intolight.com for a quicker response.
Traffic signal not working________________________________253-856-5567


Call Code Enforcement for the following concerns at 253-856-5800:

• Abandoned Vehicles/ Illegal parking
• Abandoned or neglected buildings
• Business operating from a residence
• Chickens or roosters
• Graffiti
• Garbage & trash dumping on private property
• Tall weeds/ grass on private property

Public Works - Frequently Asked Questions

1.  I need to report a problem but not sure who to call.
• Best place to start is to look at the City of Kent’s website “Who Do I Call” page at www.KentWA.gov and then follow the links to City Hall > Departments > Public Works > Who to Call.  If you still have questions, please contact our Engineering Dept. at 253-856-5500.

2. Who do I call to schedule an inspection?
• Please call our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) number at 253-856-5427.

3. Who do I call about a water bill?
• You can contact our Customer Service line at 253-856-5201.

4. Are your construction standards available online?
• Go to City of Kent website; www.KentWA.gov and then follow the links to City Hall > Departments > Public Works > Design and Construction > Design Manuals  > 2009 Design & Construction Standards

5. Are there any easements on my property?
• To find easements that could affect you, you will need to look at the title report for your property.

6. Can I build a fence on my property?
• Before designing a fence, consider traffic sight distances and utility easements on your property. The Engineering Department can help you with sight distances, and you can refer to the question below for more information on utilities.

7. Can I cut down a tree or multiple trees on my property?
• You can contact our Economic & Community Development Dept. at 253-856-5454.

8. Where can I dig?  How can I find out where the utilities are located on my property? 
• Call the Utilities Underground Location Center at 811 for free location and marking of utility lines.  Call at least 2 days before you start working.  You are responsible for any utilities that could be damaged during work on your property, so always call ahead and work carefully.  www.callbeforeyoudig./org/washington

9. I need information about my side sewer or sewer availability in my neighborhood.
• The Engineering Department at 253-856-5500 can help you with sewer hookup questions.

10.  I received a notice on an LID (Local Improvement District), how much do I owe?
• You can contact our Customer Service Dept. at 253-856-5233.

11.  I’m buying a house and the paperwork references a covenant for an LID; what is this and how much will I owe?
• Please call our Public Works Engineering Dept. at 253-856-5516.

12.  Who do I contact for garbage and recycling?
• To sign up for residential curbside collection of recyclables and/or yard debris, call Republic Services at 206-682-9735

13.  When does the City provide the free curbside clean up events for residents?
• The City of Kent schedules clean up events for residents twice a year.  The fall event is early November; the spring event is early April.  This provides an opportunity to place extra garbage and yard waste at the curb for free collection.

14.  How do I properly dispose of my hazardous waste?
• The King County Household Hazardous Wastemobile visits the Auburn Outlet Collection every weekend (minus major holidays) between 10am – 5pm.  For more information, please call the Hazards Line at 206-296-4466.

Service Requests

Potholes? Sidewalk repairs? Flooding issues? Litter? Spills?
Click Here: Resident Request Tracking System


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Public Works Operations

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Hours: Monday - Friday 7am-4pm

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