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Find project specific information related to current environmental engineering projects and those recently completed:

Projects Underway or Recently CompletedPICT4367

S. 228th Street Improvements 

Updated 6/30/11

Foster Park Levee Improvements
Updated 3/31/11 

Green River Levee Improvement Program
Updated 11/15/10

Lake Meridian Outlet Phase II and III
Updated 10/21/11

Upper Johnson Creek Restoration
Updated 5/17/12

Future Projects

2011 Citywide Stormwater Pond Maintenance  

Updated 5/18/11 east valley hwy 

2011 Citywide Large Culvert and Storm Pipe Cleaning  

Updated 6/9/11

Central Avenue Sidewalk Replacement and Storm Water Forcemain
Update 6/2/11

Hawley Road Levee
Updated 3/29/11

Horseshoe Bend Levee - Building Demolition 

Updated 5/26/11

The Lakes Levee
Updated 10/24/10