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Kent Law Department located in Kent City Hall

The City of Kent Law Department is responsible for all litigation involving the city and prosecutes all criminal misdemeanor cases as well as infractions and code violations on behalf of the city.  The Department consists of two (2) divisions, the civil division and the prosecution division.


The Law Department advises and represents all city elected and appointed officials, employees, boards, committees, task forces, and commissions on all civil legal matters pertaining to the City of Kent. The Law Department represents the city government in its day-to-day operations.


The Law Department does not represent the individual citizens of the city in private matters such as criminal defense, landlord/tenant issues, private property issues, recovery of loaned money, divorce issues, recovery of wages from an employer, child custody issues, etc. For matters such as these, the citizen would need to contact and consult with a private attorney.


The Law Department exemplifies a Kent Cares attitude by providing information, support, and referrals through Domestic Violence Legal Coordinators to domestic violence victims and by providing or making available other services to citizens in need of such services.

Mission Statement

To professionally and effectively provide the highest quality legal services to the City of Kent in furtherance of the public health, safety, and welfare of its citizens.


  1. To comprehensively serve and represent the City of Kent as it serves its citizens.
  2. To develop and maintain regional leadership in civil and criminal law.
  3. To recognize issues of local, state, and regional significance in order to contribute to their effective resolution while preserving the interests of the City of Kent.
  4. To apply continuing education and technological advances to increase and improve client services.

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