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Business License Applications and Information 

All businesses operating in Kent are required to obtain a City Business License.  Businesses obtaining a license for the first time are also required to register with the City for Business and Occupation (B&O) Tax purposes. 


You can apply for a business license at the Customer Service counter located at 400 West Gowe Street, Suite 122 during regular business hours (Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)


 For more information about licensing your business with the State of Washington contact the State of Washington Business Licensing Service.


 For more information, contact Customer Services at 253-856-5200 or at CustomerService@kentwa.gov

Fee Schedule for Business and Special Licenses as of January 1, 2016


Type Fee Comment Duration

Commercial Business License

(Businesses located inside city limits of Kent)

 Number of Employees        Fee

0-24                                   $213.93*

25-49                                 $313.93*

50-99                                 $513.93*

100 or more                       $713.93*


Pro-Rated after July 1st

0-24                                  $163.93*

25-49                                $213.93*

50-99                                $313.93*

100+                                 $413.93*


 *Fee includes a $112.93 Fire Safety Inspection fee for commercial businesses located within the city limits only and a $1.00 technology fee.

Application Filing Required





Contractor License


$51.00 (Pro-rated after July 1st)

Required for all contractors doing business in Kent who have a physical location outside of Kent.  

Rental Housing License Application


2 to 10 units - $101.00

11 to 50 units - $301.00

51 and above - $601.00

Home Occupation License $51.00
$26.00 (Pro- rated after July 1 of calendar year)
Application Filing Required Annual
Non-profit-IRS 501(3)(c) exempt Application Filing Required Annual
Religious organizations (non-business activities only) exempt Application Filing Required Annual
Special Fees for Other Business Activities 
Amusement Device $50 per device Annual
Arcade License (over 10 devices) $500 in addition to the above Annual
Cabaret (live music and/or dance) $50 per Year or $12.50 Quarterly Annual
Carnivals $25 (offering amusement rides only) Annual
Circuses & Sideshows $400 + $100 day over 4 days One-time event
Going Out of Business Sales $75 3 months
Mobile Vendors $101 per year Annual
Model Studio & Body Painting $1,000 Annual
Manager of Model Studio $500 Annual
Adult Entertainment
Exotic Dance Studio
All other Adult Entertainment
Managers & Entertainers

$500 $150 $150
Annual for each
Solicitors & Master Solicitor $10 for Master and one agent; $2 for each additional solicitor Annual
Sole Solicitor (working alone) $5 Annual
Pool & Billiard Tables $50 each for first two tables
$10 each additional
Public Dance and Dance Halls  $150 Annual
Public Dance Single Events $25 per day (Only 3 limited licenses in any calendar month or 6 limited licenses in any calendar year allowed.) One-time event
Taxicabs & Vehicles for Hire $101 (City & King County License Required) Annual
Temporary Amusement Device $10 per device (Fair, Carnival, Circus) limited to 14 days