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The Official Website of the City of Kent

Building Services

Building Services reviews, and inspects new buildings, additions, and alterations, as well as plumbing and mechanical permits. This site has information regarding fees, inspections, outside agencies, Certificates of Occupancy, and other general questions. Building Services inspects only those projects which have permits.

Do I need a building permit?

Most construction requires a building, mechanical, or plumbing permit, but there are some exceptions.

For Homeowners

There are several reasons to comply with the laws regarding building, plumbing, and mechanical permits.  This site will help homeowners understand permit requirements for their projects.

Several other City departments are involved in reviewing and inspecting construction projects in the City of Kent.

Permit Center

All permit applications go through the Permit Center which is located on the first floor of the Centennial Building at 400 W. Gowe St.  Permit applications, checklists, and other forms are available online or in the Permit Center.  The Permit Center issues permits after review and approval.

Track Your Permit Status

Track the status of your permit application, as well as your inspection results.

Is there anywhere else I should look for regulations about my project?

Electrical Permits, Mobile Home alterations, Contractor Information, and other agency information may apply to your construction project.

Zoning, Land Use, SEPA Act Compliance, Design Review

Planning Services is Responsible for Land Use, Zoning, Comprehensive Plan, SEPA Act compliance, and Design Review. Planning Services also schedules Pre-application meetings for large construction projects.

Sprinklers, Alarm Systems, Fire Lanes, New Commercial Buildings, Hazardous Uses

Fire Prevention reviews and inspects new buildings, additions and alterations for Fire Code Compliance. Fire Prevention regulates fire sprinkler and alarm permits, as well as other functions.

Roads, Sidewalks, Grading, Drainage, Sewer, Water, Local Improvment Districts (LIDs)

Public Works is responsible for roads and sidewalks, grading, drainage, sewer, water, and Local Improvement Districts (LIDs).