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Facilities Division

The City of Kent Facilities Division is responsible for the maintenance of all City of Kent buildings.  Within the division’s jurisdiction are 35 buildings, including:

  • Eight (8) fire stations,
  • The Fire Maintenance Shop,
  • The Kent Commons,
  • The Senior Center,
  • The City Hall Building,
  • The Centennial Building,
  • The Police Headquarters,
  • The Corrections and Corrections Annex buildings,
  • The City Hall Annex building,
  • The Resource Center,
  • The City Shops complex,
  • The Riverbend Golf complex,
  • The Police/Fire Training Center and firing range,
  • The Kent Memorial Park building,
  • The KM pool,
  • The Safehaven building,
  • Three (3) Police Substations,
  • And several rental properties.

Square footage of buildings maintained: 445,000 sq. ft.

About Facilities

Maintaining all of this real estate are three crews, Physical Plant Maintenance, Heat Ventilating Air Conditioning and Alarms, and finally Custodial.

Physical Plant Maintenance

The Physical Plant Maintenance crew is made up of 8 technicians and  1 maintenance supervisor.  This is a group of multi-skilled people that are familiar with all trades.  They must know plumbing, electrical, carpentry,  general construction,  doors/keys/locks,  among others.

With a familiarity to all trades this crew is capable of all ranges of jobs from minor plumbing/electrical repairs to complete tenant improvement projects.

Heat Ventilating Air Conditioning and Alarm

The HVAC/Alarms crew is comprised of a Supervisor and 1 technician.  Frequently troubleshooting boilers, air conditioning equipment, fire alarm and burglar systems.


The Custodial crew of 11 is lead by 1 Custodial Supervisor.  The City’s custodial crew is responsible for daily cleaning of 35 City buildings as well as refinishing/resurfacing all of the floors.


  • 1 Maintenance Supervisor
  • 1 HVAC Supervisor
  • 1 Custodial Supervisor
  • 1 Facilities Superintendent
  • 1 Capital Project Coordinator
  • 1 Facilities Specialist
  • 1 Office Technician
  • 8 Maintenance Workers
  • 1 HVAC Technician
  • 11 Custodians

Other Responsibilities

The City of Kent Facilities Division leases space, constructs tenant improvements, and provides space planning for City buildings, as well as performing building maintenance,  janitorial maintenance, and Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning for the majority of the City’s buildings.  The division also provides short and long term plans for current and future city facilities.  By managing new construction and remodeling projects for all City facilities and providing asset and inventory control, this group is directly responsible for providing a safe and healthy work environment for City employees.