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New to Kent-Neighborhood Districts 

Formed in 2006, Kent's Neighborhood Program is designed to improve communication between residents and city government.  Since then multiple groups called Neighborhood Councils have organized, been recognized, and established a connection with the City.  Most collaborated around a particular concern such as traffic, code enforcement, public safety, or desired improvements in the immediate area.


But there is so much more residents can do.  With over 120,000 people calling Kent home engagement opportunities are endless.  You can have a say in shaping Kent's future.


  1. What do you want Kent to be or look like in 10, 20, 30, years from now?  Will there be tall buildings? Will there be more opportunities for entertainment and shopping?
  2. Do you have questions about the service you're buying with your tax dollars?
  3. Are you curious about current or future regulations that dictate what you can and cannot do?

These are just a few.  A bigger area........ a bigger say.........

Neighborhood districts provide a way to discuss and be involved in issues that are city wide.  City wide decision making that may impact you.


What's in it for me?

  • A bigger voice, a bigger say
  • influence on prioritizing city programs and functions

What Neighborhood District do you live or do business in?



Improving Kent's quality of life is really the only agenda of the Neighborhood Program.  By working together as a larger group, Neighborhood Districts add strength and credibility to these efforts.




Now what?    Get connected with the District you live in.  Who do you know that shares your ideas or concerns?


Do your research.  Check out the City's website. Sign up for eAlerts.  There's a variety of resources to help. 



Watch this video to hear first hand how Dr. Elton Gatewood helped Tacoma residents understand the power they had to get organized and make their neighborhoods, and their city, better.

What's in it for me? It's a question that often comes up.  What you get is empowerment.


View responses from the questionnaire residents took at the Summit.  Responses are grouped by Districts.


Neighborhood Grant Program

The Neighborhood Grant Program offers matching funds on a competitive basis to recognized neighborhood councils that organize themselves to develop and implement projects which will enhance the livability of their communities.  

Matching Grant Project and Newsletter/Communication Grant applications are now available for 2016. The deadline for filing a Matching Grant Project application is Thursday, September 1, 2016.  Newsletter/Communication Grant applications are due by Thursday, December 1, 2016.  




Neighborhood Program Workshops

Neighborhood Program Workshops since 2008




Matching Grant Awards

City of Kent Matching Grant Awards since 2008. READ MORE

Neighborhood Councils Win Awards

July 2010 Kent Neighborhood Councils win Neighborhoods USA (NUSA) and Kent Cornucopia Days Grand Parade awards. 


Neighborhoods in Motion

Have you ever wondered what the Neighborhood Program is all about and how recognized neighborhood councils have benefited from being involved?  Take a look at the newest videos highlighting unique neighborhoods and what they have done while being in the program.


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Neighborhood Services & Resources

Find resources such as Kent4Health, Traffic Calming, CERT, Code Enforcement, Human Services and more.....